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I hate to brag about my kids BUT I am going to today because we are just SO extremely proud of Solon.  He has been taking swimming lessons since he was 3 so about 18 months and this last 10 weeks has really “gotten it”.  He went from pike to eel in the fall and today was upgraded to the next and final level for preschoolers “ray”.  He is now jumping in to the pool on his own and swimming to the edge, is starting to learn to turn his head to breathe, can front float, back float tread water, can swim on his back (still working on proper form so he doesn’t sink) and can swim on his front.  He can swim the whole length of the pool with a barbell (seen above).  He loves to swim and his passion shows in his hard work and determination.  His teacher mentioned he is a kid that likes a challenge. Why yes, Solon is VERY competitive!  She thought if he was in a class that was all better then him, he would rise to the occasion.  This next class works on shoring up side, front and back stroke and continues to work on breast and butterfly and will also introduce diving.  He is so proud of himself and we are too!  Swimming lessons were a necessity because of our many trips to the lake and pool, but he has really come to love it!  Who knows, maybe like his cousins, he will be a competitive swimmer?! Only time will tell, until then we are happy to nurture his passion and watch him blossom!

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