Saying Goodbye to Cy

Today I am filled with sadness.

My heart hurts for our sweet puppy Cy. 

Some would say she is just a dog but those that have had dogs know they are not simply furry with four legs, they are your family.  Cy has spent many nights with me on the bathroom floor when I was so sick while pregnant.  She would come get me when Solon would start to cry.  She is gentle with our kiddos and often would sit below me as I rocked Vera to sleep.  She would run with the boys during football games and chew sticks into mulch.  She diligently sits below Vera’s chair cleaning up the scraps.  She always is there wagging her tail when we arrive home and she has a ferocious bark that scares all the bad guys away.  Her eyes look at you with such love and she can do the darndest things like drink out of the toilet bowl, snatch a platter full of brownies right before a party and pull up a freshly planted garden but she has loved us unconditionally….

But today we have to make a decision, a heart wrenching decision and my heart aches at the pending appointment.  I know in my heart what the decision HAS to be but it doesn’t make it any easier as tears flow down my face and I hold her in my arms, maybe for the last time.  I knew when we got her this day would come but I assumed I would have much longer than 6 years with her. 

I know she may be a dog to you but she introduced me to “parenthood” – overnight potty breaks, doctors appointments, training and more training and failed training.  She has been with us all of our married lives – what will it look like not to have her right there beside me. 

The leashes on the hook will go unused, her dog dishes will sit empty and hearts will be broken.  We love her and she has taught so much….whoever says a dog is just a dog has never had one in their company.  They are our family and she will always be my baby. 

Praying for God’s peace, wisdom and understanding.  You may say God doesn’t care about 4 legged friends but I know he cares for the broken-hearted and crushed in spiritg and he cares for everything on our heart.  He is a God of love and compassion and so He does care.  And I am counting on Him today to help us in this moment…

Our sweet, precious, oh so lovable Cy!

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