• Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

    This year Easter is going to look a little different for most of us due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  I don’t know about you but that means I am looking for fun ways to make Easter extra special for our family.  A friend shared this fun and simple glow in the dark easter egg hunt activity she did with her

    Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt
  • 5 Simple Easter Activities for Families

    With the flip of the Calendar, I instantly started planning for Easter.  It always sneaks up on me because of spring break.  We enjoy doing some simple Easter activities leading up to Easter so I thought I would share 5 of our favorite simple Easter activities today in case you want to try them with your family.   5 Simple

    5 Simple Easter Activities for Families
  • Top Spring Cleaning Tips to Clean Like A Pro

      It’s almost officially spring but the weather is feeling oh so spring.  For some reason that elicits all sorts of internal brain sensors that I need to clean, just me?  Why don’t we do it in the dead of winter when the weather is awful?  Anyway, a heart wants what a heart wants so spring cleaning it is.  If

    Top Spring Cleaning Tips to Clean Like A Pro
  • The Secrets to Creating Effective To-Do Lists

    Our lives are full and on any given day you probably have a million things on your mind.  One way I love to decrease all that mind clutter is to write it down on a to-do list.  Writing it down signals my brain that I will get it taken care of and I don’t have to worry or think about

    The Secrets to Creating Effective To-Do Lists
  • 10 Simple Spring Activities for Kids

    Spring has sprung or at least it has in my mind! Spring break is coming up and sometimes I need a few simple kids activity ideas for when the excitement of being home has worn off or a spring rain shower keeps us inside.  Break out these fun and oh so simple spring activities for kids!  Remember, it doesn’t have to

    10 Simple Spring Activities for Kids

The Secret to Simple Travel Packing

I love to travel.  If I had all the money in the world I would spend my days exploring the beauty around the world.  Now, getting packed for travel as a family of 6 is a whole other story.  How much do you pack?  How do you squish it into an amount you can successfully wheel through the airport and…

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15 Carry-On Essentials For Adults & Kids

It’s time to fly but what do you pack in your carry-on so that you can enjoy your flight but also keep things simple and easy to manage.  If you are traveling with kids, you might also want to know what to pack in their bags.  So, let’s get to it.  What are the 15 carry-on essentials? What are the…

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The Secret to Beat the Comparison Trap

It was Valentine’s Day.  I made pink heart-shaped pancakes ahead of time, carefully cut little hearts out of bread to make a heart peanut butter sandwich and just as I put it in my daughter’s lunch box she said, “mom, Sally’s mom writes her a love note in her lunch box every single day.”  Clearly, the heart-shaped peanut butter sandwich…

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The Treasure of A Good Grandparent Relationship

From my earliest childhood memories, I remember the fun we had together.  I remember driving up their long driveway to a herd of stuffed sheep placed outside just to greet us.  The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies waiting inside as we searched for the magic rock and the glittering coin bounty waiting underneath.         There were…

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Simple Egg Bake

There’s nothing I love more than a warm savory egg dish for breakfast especially when I am hosting guests.  However, I have searched long and wide for a simple egg bake that is also delicious and I finally found it.  Look no further than this simple egg bake made with stuffing and all the other goodness you love about egg…

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Simple 7 Day Aldi Meal Plan

Aldi is my go-to for great groceries on a budget.  Aldi keeps their prices low because many of their products are not name brand.  However, if you are like me you don’t want to waste your time or your money on food that doesn’t taste good so I rounded up 7 simple Aldi meal plan ideas.  These 7 meals are…

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Simple Game Day Food Ideas

It’s almost time for the biggest game of the year (so far).  Who are you rooting for?  We live in the midwest but I am married to a man that grew up in the Joe Montana era so I guess we will cheer for the game day food, commercials, and the halftime show.   I don’t know about you but…

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10 Simple Chinese New Year Activities

Since adopting Quincy we have been learning more about the Chinese culture and incorporating some of their traditions.  One of the biggest holidays in China is the Chinese New Year or its also referred to as the Lunar New Year.   Chinese New Year is a two-week celebration full of lots of fun activities for the whole family culminating at…

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5 Excuses Not to Declutter & How To Change Your Mindset

I went downstairs to my basement the other day to work on decluttering our toy closet. I have a really hard time decluttering toys, I have so many excuses why I don’t declutter. So I’ve been putting decluttering off but we are being swallowed whole by clutter.  As I started to declutter I noticed five excuses why I struggled to…

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4 Steps to Start A Good Habit

This is the time of year many of us start to think about curbing bad habits and start a good habit.  After all, we just inhaled about 1000 cookies and consumed 20 meals per day over the holidays. It’s time to fit into our jeans again.  Just me?   My instinct is to fruit basket upset my life.  I am…

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