• 10 Easy Meal Planning Tips & Tricks

    We are heading into the back to school season and for many of us that means Happy New Year 2.0. We are anxious to get back into some good habits and routines just like we were at the start of the year and that includes meal planning. These 10 easy meal planning tips and tricks will help you get off

    10 Easy Meal Planning Tips & Tricks
  • Create A Weekly Meal Plan in 20 Minutes

    If creating a meal plan for your family makes you want to pull your hair out, you are not alone.  Meal planning can be such a chore but can make your life so much more simple if you take a few minutes and do it.   There are also a lot of misconceptions about meal planning.  Like, since I meal plan

    Create A Weekly Meal Plan in 20 Minutes
  • Custom Garage Organization System + Storage Ideas

    **We collaborated with the Kitchen & Bath Company for a discounted price, all opinions are my own** We moved into our new house in the fall and got the insides all organized but over the winter the garage was the bane of my existence. I swear it’s the place to go for things we don’t know what to do with.

    Custom Garage Organization System + Storage Ideas
  • Simple 4th of July Meal Plan + Tips for Cooking for A Crowd

    Have I mentioned 4th of July is my favorite holiday? Moving around a lot as a kid meant our lake place quickly became home base. We have celebrated nearly every 4th of July there since I was in the 5th grade. My whole family comes to the lake for the 4th of July and this year we are expecting 19.

    Simple 4th of July Meal Plan + Tips for Cooking for A Crowd
  • Easy Mini Strawberry Pies

    When I was a little girl my grandmother would make these cute little pies. Sometimes, she would even leave the assembling to us. How fun to make your own mini pies? I now know why my Grandma made them. Not only are they easy to make, they are relatively healthy as far as pies & dessert go to! They are

    Easy Mini Strawberry Pies

Simple Teacher Gift Card Idea + Printable

School is about out for the summer and what a year it has been.  Our teachers have been hard at work navigating teaching our students online, in person and everything in between.  So, as we wrap up the year I have a simple teacher gift idea to say thank you. Having been a teacher myself, I know the time and…

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35 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas for Busy Weeknights

It’s the end of the school year around here which means our schedule is full of festivities, which we are extra thankful this year, but that means we are often in a time crunch around dinner time.  This often means meal planning goes out the window, but if there was ever a time to meal plan, THIS IS IT. The…

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Simple Ways to Help Fight Food Insecurity for Kids & Orphans

In 2019, I saw his tiny face for the first time and then on June 10th, 2019 they placed my son in my arms. At 25 months old, he weighed 19 lbs, he felt small and frail as I held him close. It didn’t take us long to realize the toll malnutrition had taken on his body and cognition. Sadly,…

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Create May Day Baskets

I remember gathering all the necessary supplies out of the cupboards.  Things like cups, pipe cleaners, popcorn, and candy.  My mom would help my sister and I make our homemade May Day baskets. When we were all done we would hop in the car and my mom would drive us to our friends’ homes.  We would dash out of the…

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Easy 4-Ingredient Ravioli Lasagna Bake

Who doesn’t love lasagna? However, with 4 kids, in this season of life making lasagna from scratch is not feasible so when we were visiting my parents in Arizona for spring break, my mom served us Costco’s ravioli lasagna and i thought I could make this easy dish at home. We have had this easy ravioli lasagna bake several times…

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Grilled Greek Chicken & 5 More Easy Grilled Chicken Breast Ideas

Praise be, it’s grilling season. Nothing better than the smell of grills firing up around the neighborhood. We love grilling, there’s less kitchen mess and lots of simple meals. We, especially love grilled chicken breast but sometimes you need to spice it up but I don’t have a lot of time so I want some easy grilled chicken breast ideas!…

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8 Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe Ideas

Easter has just passed us by and one of our family’s favorite traditions is coloring hard boiled eggs but that means there’s a whole lot of eggs to eat. So, what do you do with the leftovers? Here’s 8 leftover hard boiled eggs recipe ideas. 8 Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe Ideas Classic Egg Salad Sandwiches Egg Salad BLT Sandwiches…

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Easy Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos

We love tacos. We reallllllly love tacos. My family could eat tacos every single night of the week, every single week of the year but sometimes you just have to mix things up. One of the ways I do that is with what I put in my tacos. Tacos can be more than ground beef, I know, it’s true. Enter…

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Simple Easter Dinner Menu Ideas

Easter is right around the corner. Maybe like me you, you don’t love ham and also want to keep the Easter dinner menu simple so you can enjoy the time with your family. You are in the right place! Psst….do you need a spot to right down your menu? Check out this meal plan journal. Simple Easter Dinner Menu Slow…

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Quick & Easy Resurrection Rolls Recipe with Explanation

Easter is right around the corner and one of our favorite ways to illustrate his ascension to heaven is with this resurrection rolls recipe. Resurrection roll\ illustrates that Jesus was in the tomb (the marshmallow) and 3 days later was not. When you pull the resurrection rolls out of the oven, the marshmallow will be gone. We have resurrection rolls,…

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