• Chiropractic Care Benefits + Other Frequently Asked Questions

    You can watch the full interview here.   Whenever I share on social media that I have been to the chiropractor, I always get lots of questions about why I go and what chiropractic care looks like.  So I thought rather than just me explaining it because I’m not the expert I’d have my chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Knobbe answer some

    Chiropractic Care Benefits + Other Frequently Asked Questions
  • 15 Simple Ways To Save Money on Groceries

    Have you ever gotten to the cash register at the grocery store and gone bug-eyed at the amount of money you just spent?  Do you just wish you could save money on your groceries? Since we have been saving for the adoption one of the biggest ways we have curbed our spending is by eating out less and sticking to

    15 Simple Ways To Save Money on Groceries
  • Best Tips for A Money-Making Garage Sale

    Tis the season for garage sales.  It’s a great way to make some extra cash and declutter your house at the same time.  That my friends is what I call a win-win! Now, decluttering and setting up a garage sale takes some work so you want to make sure your investment pays off.  That’s why I have rounded up my

    Best Tips for A Money-Making Garage Sale
  • DIY Garage Toy Organization

    Our garage is a workhorse year-round!  My mantra is, everything we own has a place of its own so that everyone knows where it goes.  This eliminates mom doing all the work of picking up.  So, we needed some kid-friendly garage organization. Before Garage Toy Organization Problem We had this extra plastic shelf (similar) we weren’t using anymore now that

    DIY Garage Toy Organization
  • A Simple Teacher Gift

    It’s teacher appreciation week!  Do you need a simple teacher gift idea? Over the years, my kid’s teachers have helped them so much.  Solon’s 2nd-grade teacher helped him fall in love with reading and the kid’s art teacher has made Vera feel like a true artist, the girl loves art!  Just the other day one of Solon’s teachers stopped him

    A Simple Teacher Gift

Life Lately Volume 13 February 2019

Friends, February has both flown by and felt like the longest month ever.  It has been one of the snowiest and coldest on records. We have had double the amount of snow we usually do all winter in the last 8 weeks – crazy!  It’s made for some epic snow forts, sledding hills (in the front yard) and snow much…

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Homeless, Not Hopeless: One Family’s Story

Psst.  I am so excited my friend Brooke Sailer is guest posting today.  Brooke is a creative thinker, writer, teacher,gift-giver, and also…a diaper-changer, shoelace-tier, and lunch-packer. She lived a real-life fairy tale when she married a handsome bachelor after dating for only one month and ten days. (Sorry for the heart attack, Mom.).  I know her story will encourage your…

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Simple Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

My family’s love language is Mexican food and this easy chicken enchiladas recipe is on heavy rotation in our weekly meal plan (check out how I meal plan here).  You know I like to keep it nice and simple around here and it’s no different when it comes to my cooking. This insanely easy chicken enchiladas recipe not only gets…

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10 Items to Always Buy at TJ Maxx + TJ Maxx Shopping Hacks

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?  You just know there is some buried treasure to be found and it might just be your lucky day.  That’s the exact feeling I have when I walk into stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Homegoods.  You never know when you walk in what buried treasure you might find! TJ Maxx is…

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10 Simple Habits That Will Improve Your Life Now

We are creatures of habit.  We like routine.  Our world has a routine.  The sun comes up in the morning and sets at night.  Our weeks follow a 7-day cycle. I spent years teaching first-grade students and at the beginning of every year, I spent time establishing daily routines and habits, practicing what they look like and helping them to…

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Simple Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and kicking it off with a fun, Valentine’s day breakfast is a fun way to enjoy the holiday with all your sweethearts. Since breakfast around here usually includes frozen waffles and a variety of boxed cereal with bed-head, it’s fun to do something extra special to celebrate.  Let’s be honest, I don’t want to get up tooooooooo…

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12 Simple Valentine Activity Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I love a reason to celebrate mid-winter with my family so even though Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily meant for the whole family, I always include everyone and celebrate our love for one another with some simple activities. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your husband or kids or both, I have 15 things…

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Favorite Valentine Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

Happy February which means It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I love a good reason to celebrate, especially mid-winter.  We celebrate as a whole family!  What about you? This year, we will do our traditional heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s which all stems back from Scott’s and my first Valentine’s Day.  We ate at a local pizza place and they served us…

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Life Lately Volume 12 January 2019

We have nearly wrapped up the first month of 2019.  January was a much more low-key month but we still managed to fit in a lot of fun, a whole lot of basketball and plenty of downtime too!  Before we move into February, let’s take a look back at a little life lately around here. January started off pretty quiet…

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