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I haven’t done one of these posts in over a year.  Can you believe we have now been in our “new” house for 2 years!  Wow!  Time goes by fast when you are busy having fun.  We are still tweaking things and situating things and from what I read on other blogs, I think we will always be doing this.  My color palate has changed in the family room, dining room and our bedroom and luckily with a few cheap changes, it is fun to freshen things up.  Of course I also have a nesting to do list…so only the kids rooms will be spared ;)!
I had a gallery wall in our upstairs hallway of wedding pictures and Solon’s baby pictures but I finally got around to putting up Vera’s baby pictures and then also placed photo frames (top right) for the baby’s newborn photos.  I try to get the same 4 photos for each child.  An up close of their face, their hand holding one of ours, their toes and a family one, all in black and white!   I love looking at it when I walk by…

We got ourselves a little more seating at the dining table in the form of a bench.  We often have little friends over for lunch and I don’t always want to put the leaf in the table and their little tushes don’t need a whole chair so we can fit four little booties on this and it works out great :).  And it was a TJ Maxx find for $50 and a perfect color match – that’s what I call a win!

We finally picked out cabinet hardware for the kitchen cabinets.  Ours didn’t come with any and I didn’t want to be like everyone else on the block but knew it would be something I can’t change out so we went with the knobs for all the cabinet doors and the handle for all the drawers.  We haven’t actually bought them yet because Scott has a few other projects he has been working on for his prego wife ;).

The laundry room was a blank canvas and I had had some ideas for a while and even had supplies purchased but now that I am nesting, I am trying to get all these unfinished thoughts done!  I just mod lodged paper onto the letters and 3M command stripped them to the wall.  The teal baskets are a $3 dollar spot find (it sucks me in people!) and I made the labels with my silhouette and laminator…Scott installed that handy dandy hanging drying rack from ikea since we have minimal extra space and it works great and holds a lot.  I left room for a 2nd just in case it wasn’t enough of a work horse.  And then my framed sign is appropriate…”Wash, rewash, dry, fluff, fold, put away, repeat.”  I was hopeful this little happy makeover would help me fall in love with laundry, I have taken control of it but it is still not my favorite chore in the world ;).

I wanted a little more of a serene space in our bedroom but we are getting a king when the basement is finished and our bed is going to the guest room so I didn’t do anything too crazy with the bedding.  I added a throw and some new pillow covers from Hobby Lobby and then changed up the art above our bed!

We got our front door in ship shape for spring and summer!

…and our biggest project is completely framed — THE BASEMENT.  Next up we have an electrician coming and then HVAC and some extra insulation and then the drywallers come (fingers crossed) before baby arrives.  But you see it is a bit of a hot mess so we have some cleaning, purging and organizing to do before that (did you see my May goals, now you get it ;).  Scott has worked so hard to make my vision a reality.  A giant toy closet is maybe what I am most excited about!  Toys, sigh….

We also finally got rid of the all the flush mount lights (aka boob lights) and builder standard dining light.  Lighting can sure make your home have personality and customized to your taste for not much money.  Especially when your mom buys the wrong dining light and can’t return it, and you happen to pick out the very same light…what are the odds…that was a cheap switch :).
The other light in the back entry and office have an old school house vibe :).  Thanks to my hubby for installation…
And this has not all happened in the last few weeks…this is months of work that I just forget to share :).  I am starting to think of basement wall colors, you know it will be an ISU theme but I will not be painting any walls Gold or yellow ;).  And of course I have my sights on setting up the baby’s room but we have to work on cleaning the basement first…there is a bit of a domino effect!

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