A Simple Rainbow Birthday Party

Vera was hard-pressed to narrow down her birthday party theme.  She, unlike her brother, thinks about it all year long.  We had lots of contenders including unicorns, Shopkins, gymnastics and American Girl dolls.  However, Vera loves art.  She spends most of her free time creating art so we finally landed on a simple and fun rainbow art party!  I thought I would share all the details today.

We started by creating a fun and simple birthday invite with Canva.  This time I just saved the picture to my phone and texted the photo to all the invitees.  I sent a follow-up reminder the day before because I always need a reminder!  We asked the girls to come dressed in their favorite color!

For decor, we looked at the birthday girl’s art cart and gathered different art supplies to display along with the food on the buffet table.  We picked up a plastic rainbow tablecloth at Target and pulled out some fabric bunting and a colorful happy birthday sign.


Painting A Canvas Activity

When the girls arrived we had them sit in a circle and share their favorite color with one another.  Once everyone had arrived and was introduced, I gave them directions for our first activity.  Each girl would paint a canvas.  We bought craft paint, a variety of brushes, and a canvas for each girl.  My husband, son and I helped squeeze paints onto white paper plates that we called our “palettes”. The girls shared the paints and each created a unique piece of art.

Edible Rainbow Necklaces

We let the canvases dry on the counter while Vera opened presents and I prepared for the next rainbow-inspired craft.  The girls made rainbow edible necklaces.  We took a piece of yarn and placed tape on one end so it was easier to string and then tied a fruit loop to the other.  Then, the girls stringed on fruit loops and gummy lifesavers onto their necklaces.

Decorate Your Own Cupcake

When the girls were done, we put them into a plastic bag with their name on it so they could enjoy their rainbow birthday party snack later.  It was time to decorate their own rainbow birthday party cupcakes with a variety of sprinkles.  We also served up different colored food.  Grapes (green & purple), Gatorade (blue, orange & yellow), chocolate-covered strawberries (red) and goldfish (orange).

Rainbow Color Tag

When we were all done with our snack, it was time to play color tag in the front yard.  This was a perfect way to end the party.  The birthday girl was “it” first and everyone stood behind a line (marked by cones).  When she called out a color, anyone wearing that color had to run to the other line (marked by cones) without getting tagged.  If they got tagged, they would be “it” too. The last person not tagged then became the next person to call out the colors.  The girls loved it!

Goodie Bags

When the parents arrived, we handed them the wet canvas along with the goodie bags filled with a box of skittles, rainbow glasses, their rainbow food necklace, and a felt coloring craft.

The Budget

11 x 14 Canvas $25

10 craft paint bottles $5

Paintbrush variety pack $8

Box of Generic Fruit Loops $3

Bag of gummy lifesavers $3

Yarn, bag & tape (had on hand)

Cupcakes & sprinkles $10

Plastic tablecloth (similar) $4

Multi-colored lunch bags $5

Goodie bag supplies $20 (multi-colored glasses, felt art set, skittles)

White plates, paper plates & napkins $6

Party food (strawberries, goldfish, Gatorade, grapes) $15

Decor (had on hand) $0

Total Party Budget – $104

The birthday girl had a blast and the party was a perfect representation of how much she loves to craft and create art. It was simple but so much fun!  If you are in need of more party inspiration, check out these posts.

You can also hop over to Money Saving Mom to read all about my money saving tips on how to throw a budget-friendly birthday party.

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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