September 2016 Pictures

Every month I love to do a little look back and recap of what our family was up to the previous month.  A lot can happen in about 30 days!  September ushered in fall and one word encapsulates life around here — FOOTBALL (my husband even has me in a couples fantasy football league, I think my whole job is to make sure I elevate everyone else’s success :/)!

Let’s take a peak back at September, shall we?

Labor Day weekend was the first home game for our Alma Mater and my parents like to come join us for the games (we bleed hard for our team with LOTS of family attending there).  We are loyal and good thing because most years we lose more than we win.

Labor day weekend, our littlest cousin also came for a visit with her parents.  Our kids enjoyed playing together.  Lucy was quite intrigued by a cousin just her size. We don’t get to see them too often since they live far away.

Of course we both just happen to have the same jammies so a whole photo shoot happened, the littlest two probably thought we were all crazy from all the fuss!

September also meant the return of my chauffeuring obligations.  Tumbling, dance, swimming, and school – I have considered adding the title to my resume! 
Fall means Daddy is back to refereeing HS football and that means slumber parties with mom until Dad gets home and then he puts them all in their own beds.  

We celebrated our biggest Lady’s 5th birthday!  She got an American girl doll this year and they are the best of friends.  Sage, her doll, and Vera go everywhere together and normally are wearing matching outfits.  You can see more of Vera’s festivities here.  She enjoyed celebrating at school.

Fall means we get back to baking.  Vera is a great chef.  This month pumpkin bread and muffins have been on repeat.  The littlest Port loves pumpkin anything and this makes a yummy morning treat and afternoon treat and late night snack…;) Check back soon for more on our favorite pumpkin recipes!

My sister and brother-in-law were back from the west for a wedding SO we road-tripped to the lake to spend a quick 24 hours together.  We were all happy to be together by the fire, nothing like a freshly toasted marshmallow and the cool fall air.   Relaxing at the lake was a highlight of September for sure!

Hot tubbing — I think our kids spent most of their waking hours in there!  We keep it at about 98 degrees so it’s like a bathtub!

We also worked on our walking skills A LOT…someone is getting closer!

Scott (the hubby) had his first in town game so we headed out to watch him.  We call him a “zebra” so the girls sported their best zebra outfits to cheer him on.  It was fun to watch him in action doing what he loves!

…and you guessed it more family and more football.  We love that we can connect with so much family in the fall.  Our other cousins made the trip for another game and we cheered our team on to their ONE win so far this season – hey we will take it.

Some of us were more interested in the game than others…

We rounded out the month with baby girl turning 15 months old and beginning to stand on her own and learning how to go down the stairs and back up and repeat :).    

We also did our fair share of snuggling, watching our favorite shows, reading some books, playing outside, riding bikes and continuing to settle into our new school routine.  Momma also got the worst sinus junk in a long time but we all seem to be finished up with that as we say goodbye to September.  
We love fall, we love family and we love football.  
October seems to repeat that sentiment and also includes visits to the orchard and pumpkin patch!  
Happy September 2016!

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