Simple Apple Chicken Salad Recipe

We are in full on fall mode over here which means I am breaking out all my pumpkin and apple recipes.  Momma loves to bake in the fall!  It also means I am running around like crazy because my kids are in all the activities.  So, I need super simple recipes that we can eat around the table or on the run.  This simple apple chicken salad recipe fits the bill and is a fan favorite.  It’s perfect for a busy weeknight meal or served alongside crackers as a fall-tastic appetizer.

Y’all know by now if you follow me on social media (follow me on Instagram here) that I am a big fan of the apple.  It does not get the attention it deserves.  It’s always over-shadowed by felllow fall vegetation, the pumpkin.  While I love a good pumpkin dish (I am looking at your pumpkin bars), I equally love all things apple.  Give me all the apple nachos (read more about that here), apple pies, apple crisp and of course apple chicken salad!

So let’s get to the kitchen and start cooking, shall we?

Simple Apple Chicken Salad Recipe Ingredients

2 Cups Shredded Chicken (3-4 chicken breasts)

1.5 Cups Chopped Apples (1-2 apples)

1 Cup Chopped Celery (2-3 stalks)

1 Cup Mayonnaise (1 Cup Greek Yogurt can be substituted)

Salt & Pepper to Taste

Simple Apple Chicken Salad Recipe Quick Instructions

Cook and Shred Chicken

Chop Apples & Celery

Fold in mayonnaise to apples, celery, and chicken.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with crackers, on sandwich bread or atop lettuce.

This recipe yields enough for 6 sandwiches.

Simple Apple Chicken Salad Recipe Tips & Tricks

I like to cook up a bunch of chicken at once because dealing with raw chicken is one of my least favorite kitchen chores.  I cook it in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.  When cooked, shred it with a fork.  I set aside 2 cups for this recipe and then freeze the rest for another dish.  I could use it for two other favorite dishes, the simple chicken enchiladas or chicken pot pie.

Once the chicken is shredded, I grab 1-2 apples.  I like to use either granny smith or honeycrisp apples.  Both have a good strong flavor.  I chop into small edible cubes.  Next, I move on to rinsing and chopping 3 stalks of celery which amounts to about 1 cup of celery.  Now, I know not everyone is a fan of celery so you could totally add in 1/2 cup of cranberries or 1/2 cup of pecans as an alternative.

Last, I fold in 1 cup of mayonnaise.  If you want a more calorie friendly option, you can certainly substitute 8 oz greek yogurt.  Then add salt and pepper to taste.

You can make this dish ahead or serve it on the spot.  It also makes great leftovers for our favorite Sunday tradition, snack tray supper.

It’s Time To Dish It Up

We like to serve our chicken salad on sandwich bread with raw vegetables, fresh fruit and chips or pretzels for a simple weeknight meal.  This dish would also be a perfect appetizer or addition to your charcuterie board.   This recipe makes enough for 6 sandwiches but double the recipe because you will want some for leftovers, it’s so good!


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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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