Simple 4-Step Gift Idea Formula for A Gift Everyone Will Love

We have all had that moment, when someone hands you a gift and you have nothing for them in return. So, what are some gifts you can have on-hand and wrapped that would mean a lot? This simple 4-step gift idea formula is sure to please every gift recipient on your list.

Wrap up a few of these ahead of time so you don’t run into any awkward “I don’t have a gift for you” moments. I promise they will come in handy and if not well you can enjoy yourself!

Simple 4-Step Gift Idea Formula

1. Buy Something You Love

When in doubt, think of small $5-25 items you love. Think – candles, lotions, nail polish, some stud earrings, candies, hand and dish soap. Buy something you love and then when you gift it to the person you can say, I love this and I thought you might love it too. Who can argue with that?

2. Include a Gift Card

If you want to spend a little more, add in a gift card with an item you love. You could do it to the movies, a restaurant, favorite small business, or the tried and true Amazon or Target.

3. Wrap it up beautifully!

I personally love using cellophane. Don’t be intimidated. It’s surprisingly easy to manipulate and instantly ups the ante in the wrapping department.

My favorite and only place I buy cellophane is at Dollar Tree. You cannot beat $1 a roll. I buy several rolls at a time and keep it on hand year-round.

Lay out your items on the cellophane and pull up evenly on both sides before cutting. Then, cut with scissors. Pull the cellophane up together in a bunch.

Tied it together with a ribbon in a simple bow and you have a thoughtful gift all ready to go even if you momentarily forgot about it.

If you have a few places where the cellophane is gaping, just tape with some clear gift wrap tape and no one will ever know.

Nervous about cellophane? Grab a cute little gift bag and add a couple pieces of tissue paper in.

4. Add A Handwritten Note

Never underestimate the power of your kind and encouraging words. As a former teacher, some of my favorite gifts were the notes given by families. This year, especially, your notes will mean so much!

Sample Gift Ideas

There’s a cult following for these Aldi dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Under $4, it’s a perfect gift to pair with a gift card.

There’s nothing better than Mrs. Meyer’s soap in my book. They have the best seasonal scents with my favorite being their signature Christmas scent, Iowa pine. It smells like you are at a Christmas tree farm while you’re washing your hands or dishes. It’s delightful and they cost less than $5 each.

If cellophane isn’t your thing, grab a pretty gift bag and a few pieces of tissue. If you haven’t tried the Trader Joe’s chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels, well then you are missing out. They are a perfect gift to give.

Just Remember …

There’s a lot of pressure to get the perfect gift and wrap it beautifully but if you start by choosing something you love that you want to share with someone else and share some encouragement in the form of a hand-written note, I promise you they will love it.

This 4-step gift idea formula has been working well for me for years and what’s the saying? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What are your favorite gifts to give? Share in the comments!

Happy gift giving to you and yours this holiday season!

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