12 Simple Housewarming Gift Ideas

We recently moved into our new home and were touched by the practical and personalized housewarming gift ideas people showered us with. We were so touched by their gesture.  Moving can be stressful but also a huge celebration so what do you get that new homeowner you care about to mark the special occasion?

From practical things like hand and dish soap to a personalized assortment of local dining gift cards, I am sharing simple and creative housewarming gift ideas that are afforadlbe and unique and will show that new homeowner in your life you care.

Best gift ideas for new homeowners

10 Simple Housewarming Gift Ideas

Let’s start with practical ideas. When you move into your new home, you literally don’t know where ANYTHING is for a few days or weeks, let’s be honest so you can gift that new homeowner a little sanity along with these practical gifts.

practical housewarming gift ideas

Hand Soap, Dish Soap & a Towel

A perfect practical gift because hand washing doesn’t take a backseat when you move in especially in 2020. So, deck out their new bathroom with some delicious smelling soap along with some dish soap for all those dishes that might need a quick clean before being stowed away. Don’t forget the dish and hand towels. Wrap up the soap and towel in a little bow and you have yourself a thoughtful, practical gift for under $10.

Paper Products

This goes hand in hand with the soap above but throwing in some toilet paper and paper towels is another thoughtful and practical gift idea. In 2020, toilet paper is pretty much equivalent to gifting them 1 million dollars :)!


Nothing says a cozy home, like a lit fragranced candle. Share one of your favorite scents with them and don’t forget to add a lighter. Chances are they won’t know where that is for a bit!

Wine, Beer or Champagne

Help them cheers to their new home and all the unpacking with one of their favorite drinks to enjoy after a long day of unpacking. While you are at it, you could throw in a few plastic disposable glasses too!

Coffee or Tea

Plus, don’t forget some caffeine in the form of some delicious coffee or tea to help them start their day and keep them unpacking all day long.

paper plates and gift cards houswarming gift ideas

Local Restaurant Gift Cards

You can’t even find a pan when you move in let alone think about cooking right away so how about gifting them with some local restaurant gift cards. Help them get acquainted to the new area and give them the gift of food they don’t have to think about prepping.

Homemade Meal & Paper Dishes

Never underestimate the power of a good home cooked meal. Bring that new homeowner a delicious meal but bring along some paper plates, napkins and some utensils so they don’t have to worry about finding that in the mess of boxes.

personalized housewarming gift ideas

Address Stamp

A personalized mail stamp is both practical and personal. They will need to alert many people of their new address, gift them this cute stamp to help them do just that.

personalized signs housewarming gift ideas

Personalized Art

Did your friends build their dream home or move to a new city? How about gifting them with some personalized art to decorate their new space.

creative housewarming gift ideas

House Plant

Flowers are great but house plants live on! Grab a pretty house plant and pop it in a planter. You could even add a card that says “love grows here.”


A larger gift but a sentimental one. Give the gift of a tree. My husband’s family planted a tree when they moved into their home and took pictures in front of it over the years. It was fun to see their family grow and change as the tree grew.


Every new home needs a doormat to welcome guests. You can even buy a personalized one. I love a gift that is both practical and personal.

affordable housewarming gift ideas

Just Remember…

No matter what gift you choose, it’s the gesture that counts. Whether you choose a personalized or practical gift, the fact that you celebrated and marked the occasion with a token of your love means the most. What are your favorite housewarming gifts to give? Have you recieved a thoughtful housewarming gift? Share in the comments!

Some of My Favorite Housewarming Gifts…

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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