8 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Meal

With the holiday right around the corner, many of us are thinking about the menu, the decorations and all that goes into it. Remember when you could just show up to the party! However, since that won’t happen I am sharing some simple ways to simplify your holiday meal this year. If any year calls for it, it’s 2020. Amen? So, let’s start simplifying!

8 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Meal

Simplify Your Decor

Pinterest and Instagram are FULL of amazing tables capes and if you love doing, you do it but if creating a beautiful tablescape stresses you out and you feel like you need to spend a lot of money to achieve the “holiday look”, just skip it. Let the food be the star on the table.

Simple Tip – Let the food be the star of your table instead of decor.

Simplify Your Dishes

Cheese and crackers, there’s a lot of dishes that goes into cooking the meal, let alone a full place setting for everyone on the table. In lieu, of real china consider using paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware. Now, before you give me the side eye. There are lots of really nice but inexpensive options that are still beautiful but make clean-up a whole lot more simple.

Simple Tip – Consider paper plates instead of fine china.

Simplify the Menu

With gatherings being a little smaller this year, you might not need to make 5 pies for 6 people. Ask your family and those you have invited what they would like and focus on making those items.

Avoid making duplicate items. Do you need two vegetables? Several different types of pie?

Simple Tip – Simplify the menu and plan for family favorites.

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Simplify By Creating a Meal Plan

Life will be way more simple, if you plan your menu in advance. Check out this meal plan journal. Creating a menu and a corresponding grocery list will help you use your time efficiently in the store. Check out this simple holiday meal plan post for inspiration.

Simple Tip – Create a a meal plan & corresponding grocery list.

Simplify by Making Things Ahead

Creating a meal plan gives you time to make a game plan for what you can prepare ahead of time so it frees up time and stress on the day of the feast. Look at your meal plan and decide which recipes lend themselves to what making ahead. Need help deciding? Check out these 85 make ahead holiday recipes.

Simple Tip – Prepare items ahead of time to free up time on the day of the event.

Simplify by Delegating Tasks

Just because you are hosting does not mean you need to do it all. What tasks can you delegate to other family members? Things like cleaning, setting the table, running to the grocery store and helping with cooking. If you are having a few guests and they ask to bring something, let them!

Simple Tip – Delegate tasks to simplify the holidays.

simple apple feta spinach salad recipe

Simplify by Making Recipes You Know How to Make

When I hosted my first Easter, I decided to cook a ham in a roasting oven I borrowed from a friend. The ham burnt to a crisp while we were at church. I have learned it’s best to stick with recipes you know how to make. There’s a much lower likelihood for a flop like my burnt Easter ham.

If you want to make a new recipe, consider taking it for a test drive and do a dress rehearsal a week before so on the day of the event you won’t be running to the grocery store looking for an alternate meat (true story).

Simple Tip – Make recipes you know how to make.

Simplify by Buying Pre-Made Items

My Grandma once told me a heath bar tastes good on a silver platter. What did she mean by that? It’s okay to buy store bought and serve it on a nice plate. Cooking everything from scratch is often a recipe for disaster. Look at your meal plan and determine what you can buy pre-made at the store.

Things like pies, rolls, and sides are great options. Even buying something “halfway homemade” that you just have to throw together quick like a salad kit will make life more simple for you.

Simple Tip – Buy store-bought items to reduce prep time.

When it comes to simplifying your holiday meal…

At the end of the day, it’s about celebrating with those that matter to you! IGrowing up, we went to the beach as an extended family and my Grandma ordered the entire Thanksgiving feast at the grocery store. It just made more sense. Do what works best for you. Don’t forfeit enjoying the holiday with your family in an effort to get it “perfect”.

Take it from me, my burnt Easter ham makes a great story and we still had a lovely Easter. Although, I have never been asked to host again :)! May you have a happy holiday with those you love and remember, just keep it simple sweetheart!

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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