Happy 9th Birthday Solon

I can’t believe another year has flown by and Solon is now 9 years old.  I remember his birth like it was yesterday but it also feels like a lifetime ago!  Solon continues to be such a sweet, kind, first-born and great leader for his sisters!  He is the most excited for our upcoming adoption and is burdened to pray with us for his new sibling.

Solon thrives on quality time alone with either Scott or me, but especially Scott.  He loves to play basketball, play football or practice baseball with Scott the minute he gets home from work.  They literally are usually attached at the hip and are talking about some sports topic all the time!  He and I have enjoyed reading Harry Potter together at bedtime each night.   We started last fall and are on book 5 now!

Solon is our athlete.  He loves sports.  He is constantly on the move and shooting hoops both indoors and out.  He plays flag football in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring.  His favorite class at school is pe and most recesses are found playing some sport with his friends.

He loves to travel and enjoyed visiting Arizona this spring and playing golf with Grandpa while we were there.  He also enjoyed swimming non-stop in their pool.  He loves to spend time swimming at the pool or tubing at the lake.  I finally got him to learn how to ski with me!

After school, he loves to hang close to home and play by himself.  He loves to play on the iPad for his allocated time each day and he loves to watch Ninja Warrior on tv.  He is our least picky eater and will try anything at least once.  His favorite food is Mexican food and he loves soda as a special treat.  He also has a sweet tooth like his father and loves dessert.

Solon gets along with everyone but he especially loves to hang out with his best friend Max.  They don’t go to the same school but they participate in several sports together.

Solon wants to be a civil engineer when he grows up just like his dad!  He also wants to ref high school football with his dad!  Solon finally likes to read and enjoys reading anything by Dave Pilkey and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books along with all sorts of sports non-fiction.  He asked for a new bible and Sports Illustrated for Kids subscription for his birthday!

Solon is such a big helper around the house from helping with household chores to helping me with his little sisters.  He has a very tender heart and wants to please others.  He doesn’t like to get in trouble and always wants to do the right thing.  He loves to chat and tell you about all that he is learning!

We are so thankful for him and all that he brings to our lives.  Our continued prayer is that he places his trust in Jesus and that he would develop his own relationship with God!  We love you Solon, Happy Birthday bubby!


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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