Solon’s eye update November 2012

Have I ever told you blogging is like therapy for me sometimes, helps me to put my feelings not cohesive thoughts and helps me process….so with that preface I will share with you Solon’s eye report…

For me it is about perspective as I hear stories of children with cancer and other awful, never want your child to have to go through diseases, but just the same Solon’s little eye continues to get worse…

Today we went and although praying for God to completely heal his right eye, I knew in my heart it had gotten worse despite the patching.

We went into the first exam room and as Solon kept failing the eye test my heart sank….first and foremost because he couldn’t see, he couldn’t see and how did I not know?  To my recollection he could look at books, see the TV, catch a ball and run, jump, move without any complaints….

Then the nurse said, I think we need to dilate his eyes again even though it has only been 6 months… this point that little lump in my throat started to form as I thought “hold it together girl!”  The nurse had noticed his eye had significantly decreased in visioning just 6 months….

So I proceeded to hold my son down while she put the stinging drops in his eye.  Have you ever held your son down while he screamed outin pain, it was awful.  I did it for his ears but it still was AWfUL….when he was done I just held him as I teared up again…..then we waited….

Sure enough Dr. Suh confirmed that is right eye has become lazy from that droopy lid and he is using his left eye for most of his vision….straining both eyes!  So Solon will need to continue to patch and now wear glasses….

I know glasses are not a big deal in the scheme of things but you have to wear them everyday, it changes the way his face looks, I feel like I failed him in the patching department, and I don’t want him to be made fun of for his glasses…..I want him to be perfect….I want his eye to be perfect, I don’t want him to have to go through this…..I should have prayed more, been more consistent but beating myself or wishing isn’t going to change it….

So you see it is not really about the glasses….but we have him excited because grandpa wears glasses and so does his new bear we made today (we needed a pick me up!!!).  

We go back in 4 months and hopefully the additional hardware will heal his eye.  H can still dream of football and play sports, he is my little boy and I won’t stop praying his little eye is made perfect again but until then I know it is made perfect in Gods handiwork, nothing is by mistake from God and I will thank God for strengthening us in this process….

Check back to see my sweet little boy in his new hardware…..he will be the cutest little boy in glasses around!!!

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