Solon’s Last Day of K, HOORAY!

Solon’s 1st Day of Kindergarten…
…and his last day (it was PJ day ;)!
  • He lost 3 baby teeth
  • Got a new pair of glasses
  • Wore out one pair of tennis shoes and grew 1 shoe size
  • Ate mostly cold lunch but did like the cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks for hot lunch
  • Grew 2 inches at least
  • Made lots of new friends and became better friends with our neighbor, Adam
  • Learned how to read and now reads like crazy.  He especially loves to read Mo Willems books and Snoopy comic books…
  • He especially loved recess but after that he like centers and math stations.
  • He learned how to write long and involved stories with plots, problems and solutions.
  • He earned awards for great respectful behavior
  • His favorite projects were getting to hatch chick eggs and type up a non-fiction book on the computer
  • His favorite special was music closely followed by gym and then art (his music teacher is phenomenal)
  • Went on a field trip to the civic center in DSM to see a play with his classmates and ride on the school bus
  • Enjoyed field day and family fun night
  • Had a very sweet class and a nice teacher
Solon enjoyed kindergarten and learned SO much.  To think that he didn’t read or write much when he went to now reading and writing all sorts of things is crazy even for this teacher mom.  We are most proud of his sweet, kind nature and his respectful behavior while away from home.  We are so proud of him! He is a sweet loving boy who is growing up quickly…good job buddy, we love you!

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