Summer Bucket List Kids Activities

It’s summer and with that comes the anticipation of all the fun to be had.  However, some days it’s hard to think of something to do so we love creating a summer bucket list full of kids activities ideas so we can pick something to do when we need an idea!  I have shared the ultimate guide to creating a family bucket list.  We love to sit down as a family and make our summer bucket list to kick off summer break.


Summer Bucket List

We worked on the list the first day of summer and got all of our ideas written down.  We did throw out, “visit Australia again!” It was Vera’s great idea but it’s not really in the budget!  Since our board might be hard to read I made a graphic that you can pin!

50 Summer kids Activities Ideas

50 summer bucket list ideas graphic
Here are a few fan favorites — 
Drip, Drip, Drop!  You need a sponge and some water and it’s played just like Duck, Duck Goose.  You walk around with a sopping wet sponge above everyone’s heads dripping them until you pick your person and then you wring out the sponge on top of their head and run!  Then the next person takes a turn!
Squished couch movie night.  You simply squish your couches together to form a big pit and everyone crawls in and snuggles up to watch a movie of your choice!
Cousin Camp.  My in-laws take the older cousins for 3-4 days.  They do all sorts of fun outings from the zoo to the science center, as well as swimming.  They also do crafts with Nana and woodworking with Papa (last year it was a birdhouse).  They even worked together to cook us a meal for the night we went and picked them up!  It’s the highlight of my kids summer!
What made your list? 
Do we have any of the same items? 
What did we forget that we need to do this summer?

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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