Chiropractic Care Benefits + Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Whenever I share on social media that I have been to the chiropractor, I always get lots of questions about why I go and what chiropractic care looks like.  So I thought rather than just me explaining it because I’m not the expert I’d have my chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Knobbe answer some of your most frequently asked questions.  The chiropractic care benefits have greatly blessed our family’s health and maybe it could help you too!

**Dr. Jennifer Knobbe’s words are italicized for reference**


Why did you start going to a chiropractor?

During my pregnancy with our first daughter, I had acid reflux, and they put me on medicine during that time.  However, after pregnancy, I don’t want to be on that medicine for the rest of my life so I started to see an acupuncturist and I was able to wean off the medication and have had no issues since.

Then, I actually started seeing Dr. Jennifer when I was pregnant with our 2nddaughter because she was breech.  Dr. Jennifer was recommended because of her certification in the Webster technique.  She successfully turned Lucy and I was able to have a successful natural birth and it was my easiest to date.


Does your whole family go to the chiropractor?

Right after our youngest daughter was born, my husband started to not be able to bend over to tie his shoes without severe back pain.  So, at that point, we decided it would be good for all of us to go regularly.

We have seen huge benefits in our kids and we rarely have to go to the doctor anymore for sick visits. Literally, I think we have had one sick visit for each kid in the last two years.



What is chiropractic care?

Your whole body is controlled by your nervous system coming through your brain going all the way down, and it functions not only your muscles, joints and your bones but also every nerve in the cells that are in your body.

A chiropractor treats the body inside out. Whereas in western medicine or “traditional medicine”, we treat outside in with surgeries, medication or things like that. Chiropractic care looks at the root cause internally and allows the body to takes the origin of the problem and aligns the spine so that everything around can function optimally.


Does chiropractic care replace traditional medicine?

It doesn’t replace anything I think there is a place for everything.  Pretend, your house is on fire. It’s an emergency situation, you’re going to call 911. If you have an emergency, you’re bleeding out or there’s cancer, whatever it may be. You do need that medicine and the beautiful technology that we have in America.

However, if you’re just going to repaint the walls or if you need a light bulb change, you’re not going to call 911. It’s the same with our bodies.  If you have a stomach ache, fever, backache or something like that.  You don’t necessarily need to have surgery or run to get medicine, you can actually look inward and go to a chiropractor.

What kind of education does a chiropractor have?

In total, I have eight years of college.  Four years of undergraduate work and then four years of additional schooling at a chiropractic college. Within those four years, we have lots of hands-on training and internships.  Additionally, chiropractors are board certified and can receive certificates in additional areas.


What are the benefits of chiropratic care?

Most people and especially on men come in for low back pain or neck pain.  So that’s where most people come into the door first, and then they start noticing all the other benefits to chiropractic care like better sleep, reduced anxiety, better digestions, and immune support.

We see babies for latching support and colic all the time. As well as reflux and ear infections.  We kids and adults for things like constipation, heartburn, dizziness, migraines, attention issues, anxiety, and stress.  We also treat fertility and hormonal issues in

Chiropractic care just really restores the body to that optimal health.  We’re just trying to get the body to do what it knows how to do and get rid of the interference.

Studies show that a single chiropractic adjustment can boost the immune system 200%.

Do you see better results with regular care like repeated over time?

Everyone is a little different. Maintenance care in my office can be once a week, to once a month or even once a quarter. Okay.  It really depends.  Regular care compounds, just like going to the gym you don’t see results of a six pack abs the first time.  You actually get healthier and healthier every single time you go to the chiropractor.


Does chiropractic care hurt?

It’s very gentle. You might hear popping sounds, but it is actually quite a gentle manipulation.


Is it safe to do during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely.  It is safe and is encouraged. Studies show that it helps with easier and faster deliveries.   Chiropractors can also help post-pregnancy as well.


How do you find a good chiropractor?

Ask your friends.  Word of mouth recommendations is the best way to find a chiropractor that fits your needs.  All chiropractors are slightly different, just like doctors, so find one that you mesh with and can help meet your health goals.

If you are local…

If you are local, I would highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Knobbe at Natural Health Chiropractic Care. You can find her on Facebook here.  This is in no way sponsored by her but we have seen so many health benefits from routine chiropractic care.  Have you ever considered chiropractic care for your family?  You can watch our full interview here.

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10 Beauty Must Haves

When it comes to beauty, I have never felt confident in my skills.  I have always played it safe but much like everything else in my life, when I turned 30, I threw caution to the wind and started trying new products because why not?  I have found most of my beloved products by word of mouth recommendations because I don’t want to waste my time or money.  Who does?  So, I thought I would share with you my 10 beauty must-haves in case you need a good recommendation to add to your beauty repertoire!

10 Beauty Must Haves

beauty products on counter

1 – Skin Care

I have used Rodan & Fields Redefine for the last few years and it really has kept my face looking more youthful and vibrant.  Something happened when I turned 30, I suddenly noticed wrinkles so I had to up my skincare game.  In an effort to save a little money, I stretch my order out to every 4 months (instead of the auto-replenish date of 2 months).

I just bought Mary Kay eye makeup remover after asking my Instagram tribe what they would recommend and it was a landslide, so many people recommended Mary Kay!  In the interim, you all reminded me to use coconut oil as my makeup remover as well!

Kiehls Youth Dose Eye Treatment was gifted to me by Influenster but I have been using the product every day to help the fine lines around my eyes from all that smiling I like to do.  It also is tinted so it acts as a subtle concealer as well.  I use it both day and night.

2 – L’oreal Lumi Glotion

I just added this to my routine after a friendly and helpful Target Beauty employee told me it would give me a more dewy look.  I love the subtle glow it gives my skin.  It has no SPF so I put it on top of my AM moisturizing lotion.

3 – Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector

I use a pea-size amount of this product and mix it with a pea-size amount of the glotion for my foundation.  It goes on light and smooth with built-in SPF.

4 – Tarte Shape Tape

This product was recommended to me by several fellow bloggers.  I was hesitant to spend so much money on a product and use it when I want full coverage concealer for blemishes, red spots and under the eyes.  It works great!

5 – Blush & Highlighter

I use the Elf Highlighter along my cheekbones before applying my blush.  I am currently using this blush.

6 – Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation

I use this after applying my foundation before the highlighter and blush.  I like the way it gives me a matte, breathable and natural finish.

7 – Eye Shadow Palette

I am not too picky on brand, I am pickier on color.  I currently love the warmer golden hues for summer!

8 & 9 – Neutrogena Eye Liner & Neutrogena Hydro Boost Waterproof Mascara

I love the eyeliner and most days just use it on my top lid but occasionally I will go halfway across my bottom lid.  I usually use a grey or brown-black color since I have a fair complexion!  I like the mascara shown as well as the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara but I just asked for recommendations on non-waterproof kind since I find waterproof to be so harsh on the eye for everyday use.  I just ordered some from Mary Kay, I will keep you posted.

10 – Brushes & A Tinkle

I love the Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target.  They are great quality for the price and hold up really well.  The bristles don’t shed and they apply the makeup well.  I also love my tinkle for those little facial hairs you just want to take care of the older we get.  If you buy anything after reading this post, buy a tinkle!


I linked all my favorite products for you here –

So, there you have it my tried and true 10 beauty must-haves.  I like to keep it nice and simple with a clean, natural look most of the time.  It usually takes me less than 10 minutes to do my skincare and makeup routine.  What about you?  I don’t use anything for my eyebrows, do you?   What are your beauty favorites?  If you blogged, make sure to link-up!  I can’t wait to get more beauty recommendations from you, sound off in the comments.

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10 Helpful Sephora Tips

I am going to tell you a little secret.  I am 35 years old and I just stepped into Sephora a few weeks ago.  I can hear the collective gasp across cyberspace.  Can I tell you why?  I was intimidated.  A whole store of beauty products and I am a novice when it comes to beauty products and how to properly apply them.  I once had a bad encounter with a beauty consultant at an NYC department store and ever since then, I have been a bit embarrassed and intimidated about buying and applying makeup!

However, over the last year, I have adopted the mantra of “why not?”  Why not learn how to apply makeup, why not go into a store and learn, why not?  So, I knew just the person to ask and hold my hand during my first Sephora shopping adventure — my sister.  Not only, was my first experience amazing, it won’t be my last visit.   My sister taught me so many insider secrets and tips that I knew I had to share them all with you.  So, today I am sharing you 10 of her best Sephora tips!  After this post, you are going to want to go shopping there too.

10 Sephora Insider Tips

1 – Do not be intimidated

Sephora is full of brand-name beauty products and is very similar to the beauty counter area of a department store.  They also carry skin care and their own line of beauty accessories.  Just walk in and take a tour for yourself.

2- Ask for help

Sephora has many helpful employees who are experts in their field.  The best way to learn is to ask for their wisdom and help.  From color-matching to helping you find the perfect product for your price-point, they are there to help.  I recently started using glow-tion after it was recommended to me and it’s now my favorite product I use.

3 – Ask for a sample in a product you want to try

They will give you a sample to take home.  If they don’t have a pre-packaged one, you can try it on right there or they can make you a little sample to go.  If you aren’t sure which foundation you like best, ask for a couple of samples to try before you commit to buy!

4 – Ask for a sample at checkout

If your cashier doesn’t put samples in your bag, ask for them.  They always have some. If you shop online, they always give you 4 samples with your order. Samples are great to take on overnight trips or put in your purse or gym bag and a great way to test new-to-you products.

5 – Check out the Travel-size version

I wanted to try the two-faced waterproof mascara and they had a travel-size version.  They carry several products in the travel-size, not only are they more compact, you can try and decide if you like a product without such a large investment.  Travel-size options might be next to the regular size product as well as by the check-out, there is a large display of travel-size options.  I got a travel-size dry shampoo because you still need that on vacation ;)!

6 – Sephora’s Picks are on the End Caps

Sephora highlights their favorite picks for all categories of makeup from foundation to eye line to blush on their end caps.

7 – Check out the Seasonal Box Sets

The box sets are a perfect way to get more bang for your buck and try out new products.  They also make awesome gifts for your friends and family.  They have a variety of themes from skincare to eye make-up.

8 – Sign up for the Insiders Club

You will earn points every time you shop as well as a birthday bonus gift.  They also share great tips, deals and FREE classes they offer at your local Sephora.

9 – Sephora has 2-day shipping

You will love that Sephora offers their own 2-day “flash shipping” for online orders.  Plus, remember they send you samples :).

10 – Look for Value Sets

I love carrying roller ball perfumes with me in my purse and gym bag.  I bought a value box of perfume samples for $35 and got a $30 voucher for a roller ball of my choice.  So, basically, I walked away with free samples and a $5 discount on the roller ball I wanted.  Ask a Sephora employee for other value set options!


I went from intimidated to infatuated after one trip with my sister.  Tell me, have you been to Sephora?  If you have tips, please share in the comments so we can all learn. Do you have any favorite beauty products?  Now, we can also shop with purpose on our next visit.


Want to know 12 things we stopped buying at the grocery store?  Read more here.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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The Importance of Rest for Self-Care

Do you get enough rest?

Do you feel guilty taking a moment to rest?  Do you even know how to rest?  

By society’s standards – rest- might be the worst of the worst when it comes to 4 letter words.  You need to hustle and grind your way to the top.  You can sleep later, success is calling.

The other day I posted about laying down and taking a nap with my daughter and the response I got, although not surprising, was that most people felt guilty resting.  Guilty.

The average American adult needs (not wants but needs) 8 hours of sleep a night according to Mayo Clinic while 65% Americans sleep less than 8 hours according to a 2013 Gallup poll.  That’s up from 36% in 1942.  In 1942, the majority of Americans were getting enough rest, now they are not.

When my daughter was 2 and had yet to sleep through the night consistently, I went to the doctor sure something major was wrong with me.  My doctor did a battery of tests and then asked how my sleep was. My answer was half cry, half laugh.  I had literally not slept in years.  When the tests came back fine, she told me I needed to sleep.  Lack of sleep and rest can literally take a toll on us.

Somewhere along the way we were told rest is for the lazy, the unambitious, the foolhardy but what if the person who understood the importance of rest was the wisest of us all?

Rest comes in many forms but it’s an important part of God’s design for His people.  You don’t have to read too far in the Bible to find that in 6 days He created the world and on the 7th day He rested.

cozy chair with fur blanket

Here are 3 Reasons to Rest:

1.  Refuel.

A car on empty only runs for so long before its left sitting on the side of the road.  It won’t be long before your immune system, adrenal glands and physical health will put a halt to your hectic lifestyle.   Instead of reacting to your health, be proactive and take time to rest.

2.  Recharge.

The other day I was vacuuming with my beloved cordless vacuum.  When the charge ran low, the vacuum didn’t suck as well.  It would take twice as long to get the job done.  Rather, than waste my time, I put it back on the charging station and after it was fully charged took care of the crumbs.  I let my vacuum rest and recharge.

3.  Reset.

Sometimes, we can get so engrained in what we are doing we can’t see the forest through the trees, taking a moment to step back, reflect and rest will give us the opportunity to approach our work with more thought and reflection which will prove fruitful.

So, how do you rest?

1.  Build rest into your day.

If you are a to do list maker, add it to your list.  If you do not plan for it, the best intentions won’t make it happen.  Often times, the very thing we just have to do can wait 15 minutes.  Very few things are so important, they cannot wait.

2.   Make rest a priority.

We do what matters most to us.  If rest is important, we will make it happen.  Take back the word rest and don’t let it be a dirty word in your vocabulary.  You should not feel guilty by taking a moment to relax, to breathe, to read, to sleep, to rest.  Practically speaking, build rest into your day.

3. Determine how you rest best.

Do you even know how to rest? Take a moment to breathe, put down the phone, go to bed on time, say no to commitments, take a 15-minute walk, do a yoga class, read a book for 15 minutes, or go to lunch with a friend.  Become a student of yourself and incorporate more restful activities into your day.

4.  Practice the habit.

Just like anything else, we need to practice rest.  It doesn’t come naturally to any of us in a hustle and bustle culture but the more you are proactive with rest, the more you will be able to combat stress and illness in your life.  A healthy rested you is the best version of you.

If vacuums need to recharge and cars need refueling, surely we do too. There is plenty of expletive 4 letter words but rest is not one of them.  Be purposeful and make rest a priority, you will be better for it.  It’s as simple as that!

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Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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Why I work out?

Random post. maybe.

After my post about our weekly/daily schedule, I got to thinking I never really explained WHY I worked out.  I know most people work out for the health benefit and I do to, but working out is more than just 45 minutes  of cardio.

I have struggled my whole adolescent and adult life with depression.  It has perseverated itself in different ways but mostly with bulimia and anorexia and self-deprecating thoughts.  It has been 10 years since I last binge ate or force puked.  I have always felt there was a strong stigma associated with mental disorders, if that is what you wish to call them.  People who don’t struggle in this area might say, “you should be able to just overcome it”.   In my experience, doctors really don’t know how to “cure” or “fix” it besides asking you to take some sort of medication or talk you through your feelings.  Now I am NO medical doctor, but I  have learned I know my body best. I have to be my own advocate.

The first way I started to overcome my “disorder” was to discover God’s gracious love for me and develop a personal relationship with Him.  For so much of my life, I didn’t love who God had made.  I hated what I saw in the mirror.  This effected every part of my life including relationships with friends and family.  In my journey with God, He has revealed to me His great love for me and that He made me in His image.  Who was I to destroy what He so delicately and lovingly strung together.  I was beautiful in His image.  Thank you Jesus for revealing that to me.

Psalm 139:13-16 

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

And with God’s help, I have had a more clear ability to know what I need to be healthy….So back to the title of the post…why do I work out?  I have found that with my “stuff” that if I regularly workout, those good “endorphins” really help me to even out.  I always think of that  quote from “Legally Blonde” – “endorphins make you happy”!  Medicine didn’t work for me (I am not opposed to it, it just didn’t work).  SO I have found that if I work out 3-4 times a week that I am a better mom, wife and friend.

I was reminded just this spring when working out took a backseat, I was a mess.  I need that time.  I think as women we are inclined to think a little time to take care of YOU is not okay.  We judge each other too often (but that is another post).  I am so blessed that my husband knows I struggle in this way and knows a gym membership is more of a necessity than a luxury.  Working out is not about a number on the scale or necessarily a physical health goal.  Working out is an emotional boost and calms my soul.  I don’t always want to do it but I know I need it.

Mental illness in this country is strongly overlooked and so little research is done when you have it.  Unlike other illnesses, I never had tests done to dig in and find the root cause.  Whether it be a hormone imbalance, chemical imbalance or something else.  I am not totally crunchy granola but if there is something I can do balance my mood naturally, I am all for it.  I am still learning how to overcome this condition but like Paul, God doesn’t always take away our afflictions.  He calls us to use them for His glory so I hope by sharing a little piece of my story, I encourage someone else in their battle.

So there you have it, now when you see me in my gym shorts…you will know why.

**Note I have nothing against medicine and I take vitamins in addition to working out and use the essential oil peace & calming as well as accupuncture.  I understand working out alone will not cure depression and I understand there are many different forms and they reveal themselves in many ways….remember this was just a self-confession – take it with a grain of salt 😉

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