How to Host a Favorite Things Party + Favorite Things Under $10

This week I went to a favorite things party for the Des Moines Moms Blog contributors.  We did it last year too and it was such a hit we did it again.  Every time I go I leave thinking I want to host one.  Not only do you get some great recommendations, but you also get to know each other better based on what they pick and their explanation.  Plus who doesn’t love a reason to get together with girlfriends?

How to host a favorite things party

So, how do you throw a favorite things party?

We were each asked to bring 3  of the same favorite thing.  It had to be wrapped and $10 or less.  The price point is at the discretion of the host but $10 was perfect.  Some people brought multiple little things that added up to $10.  Then, when we arrived we each wrote our name on a piece of paper 3 times and put it in a bowl.

One person started in the group and drew 3 names out of the bowl and then gifted their favorite thing to those people.  The person who gifted the item then explained why they loved it so much.  People gifted beauty products, home gadgets, accessories, home decor items, and food.  One gal makes her own vanilla (which takes a year to cure) and gifted that, how cool it that?

Now, don’t you want to host a favorite things party?  Me too!  Gather your friends, some food and your favorite things and get a date on the calendar!

And now since it’s Friday I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things under $10 in case you want a few new recommendations that don’t break the bank!

Favorite Products Under $10

Felt-tip Pens

My favorite pens in the world as the  Paper Mate Flair Pens.  Not only do they come in lots of fun colors but they write like a felt tip pen.  I haven’t met a teacher that doesn’t love them.


Who doesn’t love a simple pair of earrings?  Target has some cute ones right now for under $8.  I also love buying extra earring backs because I am always losing the backs in the carpet.  I gifted this pair and I gifted this pair as my favorite thing.

Dry Shampoo

All the praise hands for dry shampoo. I have tried several and I keep coming back to the budget-friendly Batiste brand.  I love the bare kind because there is no fragrance and it goes on light. You can find it here.

Facial Razor

Let’s face it, we all can be hairy in places we don’t want to be especially as we age.  Someone recommended theseTinkle Facial Razors and I love them.  They are perfect for sculpting your brows or taking care of a stray facial hair (don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about).


One of my favorite devotionals of 2018 was 100 Days to Brave.  If you are wanting to be braver and step into your God-given purpose, this little book will encourage you to be brave.  It has a scripture verse and accompanying daily message written by Annie F. Downs.

Gel Top Coat

What did we do before gel manicures?  Well I know I never painted my nails because they chipped instantly.  I love this Gel Top Coat because I can apply it over any nail polish and I don’t instantly get chips.  It doesn’t last as long as a professional manicure but the price is amazing.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

I drink hot coffee!  Said no mom ever UNTIL stainless steel mugs entered the scene.  You can take it with you or just around the house and keep your coffee hot for hours.  Hooray! I like this  Stainless Steel Tumbler.

Fancy Soap

So I love little luxuries like fancier soap for dishes and hand washing.  My two favorite brands are Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Soaps & Cleaner and J R Watkins.  Mrs. Meyer’s has seasonal scents for the holiday and we are partial to Iowa Pine, it smells like a tree farm.  I love gifting hand soap and a cute dish towel to friends as hostess gifts. It’s both cute and purposeful ;).

Micro-Fiber Dish Mat

Last but not least, something purposeful!  I have a dishwasher but there are always dishes to be washed by hand.  I love my countertop micro-fiber drying mat.  I store it under the sink when I am not drying dishes!  You can find one like mine here.

A Favorite Things Party + A List of Favorite Things Under $10

So, there you have it a great list of favorites all under $10 and a fun way to gather together your friends or neighbors.  So, what are your must-have items under $10? Make sure to share in the comments!

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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Last Sail Before the Veil Bachelorette Party

Well we knew many of Ellen’s friends would have to travel up for the festivities so we tried to be cognoscente of that when planning so we decided to throw both the shower and bachelorette party in one weekend.  I love throwing a good party and planning all the little details to make it special.  It truly is a way for me to express my love.  Ellen was surprised and cried so once again, I think it was a success.
Now planning a shower when you know you will be 30 weeks pregnant is one thing but a bachelorette party…The plan was to have a low key dinner in at the suite and then a Bar Crawl to cap off the evening (for which I put her in the hands of her trusted friends).  I made a little Bar crawl “itinerary” (get it ;).  She chose 7 bars and I made up a little checklist for each bar.  Having never been to the bars, some of them were trickier than others but they got most of the boxes checked and I heard lots of funny stories and fun along the way!
Above is a sampling of things they had to do 🙂
I had fun making all these things…the little water bottle above was the parting gift for the ladies.  A bottle of water and 2 IB Profin…of course “In Case You go Overboard.”  They all took one for the road.
The cups were what the kids helped me with and they were sad there weren’t any left…we will have to make them again…Dollar store flutes with mod lodged on glitter (although have you seen the spray glitter paint now?).
Funny story — my mom booked the suite and the guy on the phone, when she made the reservation, said there were only standard suites available so she thought she booked a king suite.  When I arrived, the guy helping me mentioned we had the best room in the house which surprised me given my mom’s previous conversation.  When I walked in I was STUNNED.  It worked out great and there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out and enjoy.  I had brought table cloths and things to use but the decor was so chic, I didn’t even need it ;)!  
I made the fun banner – the banner itself was a Target project and then I cut navy letters using my silhouette!
I got some carnations and baby breath and made some arrangements in spray-painted gold wine bottles and jars.
…and used gold, navy and cream plates, napkins and silverware.  Along with a print saying “Ellen’s Last Sail Before the Veil” logo from the invites I created…it was so fun to make!
And I wanted a little something for the ladies to sign as a moment but I knew it needed to be consumable so we all signed a chalk spray painted bottle of champagne (she loves champagne) for her and Kristiaan to enjoy some romantic evening.


The girls arrived around 7pm and we toasted the bride before digging into some AWESOME pizza Ellen had suggested.  They delivered right to the hotel.


Pizzeria Luce!  Highly recommend their artisan pizzas, so many delicious options – my favorite was the pesto shrimp!
After dinner we played a few games and opened gifts, hung out, they did A LOT of laughing and reminiscing and then freshened up, took some pictures and headed out.  We picked the hotel for its proximity to everything and the weather was beautiful that weekend so they could walk to everything which was our hope!
A lovely group of fun and sweet friends…thanks so much for helping celebrate Ellen’s special day and showering with fun things to spice up their marriage!


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