Simple Summer Activities for Kids

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Summer Break is quickly becoming my favorite time of year! It is nice to forget about school routines for a while. We enjoy doing a DIY Summer Camp with lots of fun themes and activities. I know that route is not for everyone though. That is why I am here today to share some simple summer activities to help you make great memories with your kids without a whole lot of effort.

Plant a garden together.

Gardening with Kids

Some of my best childhood memories revolve around planting flowers with my mom and hanging out in my grandfather’s vegetable garden. Kids love to watch plants grow. Gardens also provide them with so many learning opportunities.

This activity can be as simple as planting a flower in a small pot. This year we are growing cherry tomatoes and cucumbers in pots. My kids also enjoy our backyard fairy garden. We like to change it up each season with different flowers and accessories.

Take a trip to the library.

Childrens Books about summer

Most libraries have summer reading programs that are great for kids. Our library also includes adults in their program so this is something we can all do together. Check out some fun books about summer or find books by their favorite author.

Our library also has small events throughout the summer to keep the kids entertained. Be sure to check the bulletin board in the children’s section of your library for this information. They may have story times for all different ages, Lego activities, coloring projects, and more!

Make a bird feeder craft.

Bird Feeder Craft

Bird feeder crafts are super simple and provide ongoing entertainment for the kids! We all enjoy watching the birds and squirrels in the backyard once we put the feeders out. I think the kids will have great memories of this and hopefully want to do this craft in the future with their own children.

We love creating these cardboard tube bird feeders with recycled materials. All you need is peanut butter and birdseed. The kids spread the peanut butter onto the cardboard tube with a plastic knife. Then they roll it in a shallow plate of bird seed. I use a paper plate and clean up is a breeze.

Visit a local park or splash pad.

Park Activities

Check your local park and recreation website to find out where all the parks are located in your area. I was very surprised by the number of parks I was able to find that we hadn’t visited. We even found one with a fun splash pad. Some shopping areas may also have public splash pads.

This is such a simple way to have fun with the kids too. They will enjoy being outside and playing with other kids. You could pack a lunch and meet up with friends. I also love the idea of getting to the park early before it gets too hot. I learned this tip from a friend last summer. She had picked up Starbucks on the way and enjoyed the morning at the park with her kiddos.

Set up a lemonade stand.

Lemonade Stand

My kids have already started asking if we can do another lemonade stand this summer. They absolutely love it! It really isn’t about making money for them. We actually set ours up with all the proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

I have seen some really cool lemonade stands on Pinterest. We kept ours super simple though. I brought out their craft table to the driveway and we made a sign on a piece of posterboard. Then we used jugs of lemonade from Aldi. I think we may do it again this year and have free lemonade. It was just a lot of fun to get out and chat with our neighbors.

Get Out and Enjoy This Summer!

I hope you will get out and enjoy some of these activities with your kids this summer. We are definitely looking forward to spending some time together over the break. I am always excited to get out of the school routine for a little while.

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Want more ideas?

Download your free summer bucket list printable with LOTS more ideas for summer fun!  Signup and her and get access to the printable.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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simple summer kids activities

10 Simple Backyard Water Activities for Kids

It’s Summer.  It’s hot.  There’s no denying getting wet is the best way to beat the heat.  Water and kids go together like biscuits and gravy.  So, today I am sharing 10 simple water activities you can do in your own backyard.  It’s perfect for big siblings while little siblings nap or maybe you want some simple summer fun without leaving home.

I set up a few fun things and let the kids use their imagination for the rest.  It resulted in hours of water activity fun,  Let this inspire you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a whole lot of fun in your own backyard!

10 Simple Backyard Water Activities for Kids

1.  Storage Tub Pool for One

By far this is my kids favorite backyard water activity, especially on a warm spring day.  Take an extra storage tub and fill it with water to create personal pools for each kid.  If the water is especially cool, you can add a few pitchers of hot water to it.  Who doesn’t love their own personal storage tub pool?
kid standing in tub of water

2.  Turn Your Swingset into a Splash Pad

Hook up the hose to the canopy of the swing set and they had a water slide, raining shower head down below and even swung on the swings with water pouring over their heads. Who needs a splash pad when you can hook up your hose to your play-set?


3.  Water Fight

Water squirters make for lots of water fight fun.  Our favorite is found at the Dollar Tree dollar store.  We stock up every year.  They are my kids favorite and not too hard to push for little muscles!

4.  Slip & Slide

Don’t forget about the traditional slip n’ slide.  My kids like to use these rings to help them slip n’ slide a little faster.  For added fun, we even set the sprinkler next to it so the water rained down on them as they slid!

5.  Drip Drip Drop Water Game

Who doesn’t love the traditional game of Duck, Duck Goose?  You will love Drip, Drip, Drop!  It’s the same concept but instead of tapping the participant’s head, you drip a sponge on their head until you get to the person you want to tag and then you wring that sponge out on top of their head and run.

6.  Water Obstacle Course

Set-up a water obstacle course with a variety of water obstacles.  Have your kids help you dream them all up.  Slide down the slip n’ slide, dump a water bottle over your head, carry a bucket of water and dump it into a bucket at the other end.


7.  Water Balloons

If you are in the market to spend a little money and want to have a whole lot of fun fast, water balloons are so easy to fill and are so much fun. especially these water balloons.  They make great birthday gifts!

8.  Water Baseball

Speaking of water balloons, try water balloon basebal or use those balls that are like sponges (see here) and play a very wet version of baseball!

9.  Sprinklers & Umbrellas

Pull out the sprinkler or spray the house and have the kids run through with their umbrellas.  Make an ark and have them try to run under without getting wet.

10. Water Playdate

Invite the neighbors over and set up all these activities in your backyard.  Water activities are more fun with friends to enjoy it with.  Set up the 6 above activities and you will be set!  Make sure to have towels and popsicles on hand for a break!

11.  Launch a Water Rocket

My kids got this cool water rocket as a gift and it offered hours of entertainment last summer. Simply, affix it to your house and control the power of the water being sent to the rocket.


12.  Bubbles & Water

Pour some dish soap into some buckets, pull out some kitchen utensils, and let the kids play.  We dod this in the kitchen sink in the winter and in a bunch of buckets in the summer.  Who doesn’t love bubbles and water?


Water Makes Everything More Fun!

We love to go to the pool but sometimes the baby needs a nap or the laundry needs to get done which means a day at home.  You can still have so much fun with these 6 water activities in your own backyard.  How do you beat the heat?  We are setting record highs around here and we need all the ideas we can get!

Want more ideas?

Download your free summer bucket list printable with LOTS more ideas for summer fun!  Signup and her and get access to the printable.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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Simple & Easy Desserts

I am always on the hunt for easy and quick desserts to make for an impromptu get together with friends or just to whip up for my own family.  My family loves dessert so we are well-versed in easy desserts but sometimes you just need a new easy recipe.  

So, from chocolate and ice cream to fruit, we have your easy desserts bases covered with these quick and easy dessert recipes sure to please the taste buds.  What are your favorite easy desserts to make?

Simple & Easy Desserts 

strawberries, whipped cream and biscuit strawberry shortcake recipe

Simple Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

I was intimidated for years at the thought of making shortcake but this recipe is so easy and is my husband’s favorite dessert.  If he gets to pick dessert and strawberries are in season, he always chooses this!  It’s light, sweet and delicious!


ice cream pie recipe Pinterest pin image

Simple Ice Cream Pie Recipe

If you are looking for an alternate way to serve an ice cream sundae, you need to try this ice cream pie.  It’s so simple but can be sliced and served right on to a plate for guests.  You can mix and match any ice cream flavor for endless ice cream pie options!


rhubarb crisp with pecan crumble in a white dish on a wood table

Simple Pecan Rhubarb Crisp Recipe

Crisps are such an easy but delicious dessert and served a la mode, you have a fan favorite on your hands.  This recipe calls for pecans for a nutty twist on a classic.


oreo crumbs topped whipped cream pie Pinterest pin

Simple Oreo Pie Recipe

I haven’t met a person that doesn’t love Oreos.  They are so delicious and this pie is a great variation of a french silk pie with a chocolate pudding base with the addition of Oreos!  Not only will the kids love it but the adults will too!


Magic Bar Recipe

And a bonus…because this is just too good not to share.  The name says it all – magic bars. It’s like magic in your mouth and these bars are so easy and so good, they won’t have time to melt before they are gone.


Apple Nachos Recipe

These are my kids’ favorite snack or dessert. Slice up an apple thin and then drizzle warmed peanut butter, caramel, and sprinkle on chocolate chips.  Serve it up as a bar and let everyone make their own.  If you haven’t tried these, you need to because they are SO good!


Simple Smoothie Recipe

Although, smoothies are not usually considered a dessert.  They are a great healthy sweet treat.  They are easy to make ahead and all you need to do is blend them right up and you have a delicious sweet treat that’s healthy too!


What are your favorite simple desserts to whip up for guests or your family?  You can never go wrong with brownies too!  A dessert is a food group around here so we are always looking for more simple recipes to add to the rotation!




Want help with meal planning?  

I wrote down this recipe along with the rest of my meal ideas for the week in the Simple Purposeful Living 52-week meal planner.  Get yours here.   Join the Meal Plan Simple on Purpose group on Facebook for more meal planning ideas and support.  Join here.


Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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quick and easy dessert recipes


Summer Bucket List Kids Activities

It’s summer and with that comes the anticipation of all the fun to be had.  However, some days it’s hard to think of something to do so we love creating a summer bucket list full of kids activities ideas so we can pick something to do when we need an idea!  I have shared the ultimate guide to creating a family bucket list.  We love to sit down as a family and make our summer bucket list to kick off summer break.


Summer Bucket List

We worked on the list the first day of summer and got all of our ideas written down.  We did throw out, “visit Australia again!” It was Vera’s great idea but it’s not really in the budget!  Since our board might be hard to read I made a graphic that you can pin!

50 Summer kids Activities Ideas

50 summer bucket list ideas graphic
Here are a few fan favorites — 
Drip, Drip, Drop!  You need a sponge and some water and it’s played just like Duck, Duck Goose.  You walk around with a sopping wet sponge above everyone’s heads dripping them until you pick your person and then you wring out the sponge on top of their head and run!  Then the next person takes a turn!
Squished couch movie night.  You simply squish your couches together to form a big pit and everyone crawls in and snuggles up to watch a movie of your choice!
Cousin Camp.  My in-laws take the older cousins for 3-4 days.  They do all sorts of fun outings from the zoo to the science center, as well as swimming.  They also do crafts with Nana and woodworking with Papa (last year it was a birdhouse).  They even worked together to cook us a meal for the night we went and picked them up!  It’s the highlight of my kids summer!
What made your list? 
Do we have any of the same items? 
What did we forget that we need to do this summer?

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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