Valentine's Day

Simple Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and kicking it off with a fun, Valentine’s day breakfast is a fun way to enjoy the holiday with all your sweethearts. Since breakfast around here usually includes frozen waffles and a variety of boxed cereal with bed-head, it’s fun to do something extra special to celebrate.  Let’s be honest, I don’t want to get up tooooooooo early so these simple Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas are perfect for a weekday breakfast.

easy Valentine's Day breakfast ideas

Heart Shaped Pink Pancakes

We actually whipped these up over the weekend and I froze an extra batch so on Valentine’s Day morning I can just pop them in the microwave and have a festive treat!  Just add some red food coloring to your batter and then use a cookie cutter to pour the batter into your pan.  When you are ready to flip, you can remove the cookie cutter.

Eggs in the Heart Toast

This is a spin on one of our family’s favorite breakfast dishes, eggs in the hole.  Instead of a round circle hole, I simply used a small heart-shaped cookie cutter.  I toasted the little heart cut-out and serve along with the egg in the heart toast.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast Pizza

Grab a pre-made pizza crust and cut into a heart shape.  Smear on cream cheese for the “sauce” portion and then top with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage and cheese.  Bake up just like a regular pizza.  You can make ahead and freeze or make the night before and refrigerate until you are ready to bake it!

Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Grab a tube of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and unroll them to resemble a heart.  Bake as usual and top with the frosting.  For an extra special touch, you can add a drop of red food coloring for pink frosting!  You might want to grab an extra tube because my kids gobbled these right up!

Remember to keep it simple + fun –

Each of these easy ideas can be whipped up or made ahead and don’t take much time to prep!  Just remember it doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate to make your kids feel special!  How will you celebrate your big and little Valentines this year?  Do you do a fun dinner or kick off the day with a simple but sweet breakfast?

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12 Simple Valentine’s Day Activities

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.  #tribekoko
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12 Simple Valentine Activity Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I love a reason to celebrate mid-winter with my family so even though Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily meant for the whole family, I always include everyone and celebrate our love for one another with some simple activities.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your husband or kids or both, I have 15 things you can do that without too much money, work or a trip to the store that will still make them feel very loved!

1.  Make a Top 10 List

Who doesn’t love to hear all the qualities you love about them?  Take a moment and make a homemade valentine with 10 reasons you love each of your big and small valentines.  Encourage your kids who can write to do the same and gift them to each other!

2.  Make Homemade Valentines

Take some time to get out the stickers, construction paper and whip up some masterpieces.  You can either send them to doting grandparents or take them to the local first responders or nursing home.  Share the love with others this Valentine’s Day!

3.  Heart-shaped Pizza

You can either make a heart-shaped pizza or buy one.  Every year, we get a “heart-baker” pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  I get a night off from cooking, everyone eats well because it’s pizza and clean up is a breeze!  That’s a LOVE-ly meal right there!

4.  Set a fancy table

Dust off that china you registered for at your wedding but rarely use and set a fancy table for your family.  Serve something bubbly like sprite or sparkling apple cider, light some candles and play romantic music.

5.  Share why you love each other

While eating your Valentine’s meal go around the table and have each person say one thing they love about each person.  Ask them to try not to repeat something someone else has said.  We tried this the other night and I could visibly see the warm fuzzies as my kids’ shoulders puffed up from love.

pink decorated cake for Valentine's Day

6.  Make a homemade dessert

Add red food coloring to your chocolate chip cookie batter or get out your red sprinkles to top the cookies.  Make peanut butter cookies with Hershey kiss centers or chocolate-covered strawberries.  Ask your kids to assist you for a fun way to spend time together in addition to a yummy dessert.

7.  Gift a Date

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to gift each of the kids with a one on one date with both mom and dad.  You could go to the park, the ice skating rink, go bowling, get your nails done, get dessert or go out to dinner, see a movie or go to an arcade.  They can be tailored to your kid’s interests and be a great way to engage in quality time!  I love to give these scratch-off tickets.

8.  All Red Dinner

Have everyone dress up in as much as red as they can and then serve all red food and drinks.  You could make spaghetti and meatballs or enchiladas with red sauce.  Serve up some cherry 7-up, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries to go with it!

9.  Candlelight Picnic

Move your dinner to the living room floor and light some candles.  If you are worried about spills, just add a water-proof shower curtain underneath the blanket!  Grab your favorite food to go and enjoy dinner at home to avoid the crowds.

10.  Family Dance

Turn off the lights and get out some glow sticks or flashlights and have your own Valentine’s Dance in the living room.  Dance to tunes like the Cupid Shuffle, the Hokey Pokey and some slow songs with your favorite loved ones.  If you have Alexa, she can totally be your DJ :)!

11.  5 Love Languages Quiz

Did you know there is a love languages quiz for kids now?  Have you ever taken it before?  We often show love how we like receive it which is great if your spouse and kids receive love like you do but often they don’t.  Take time to take the love languages quiz today with each of your family members’ so you know how to love them best.

12.  Valentine’s Day Inspired Games

Grab a heart-shaped pillow and play hot heart (played like the game, hot potato) or cut out some hearts and play musical hearts (played like musical chairs).

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Just Remember –

Every year, my kids remember the smallest things we did to make a holiday extra special.  You don’t have to do all these things to make their day special.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, cost a lot of money to be meaningful to your family.  It’s just about intentionally taking a moment to show a little extra love to your favorite people.

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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Favorite Valentine Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

Happy February which means It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I love a good reason to celebrate, especially mid-winter.  We celebrate as a whole family!  What about you?

This year, we will do our traditional heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s which all stems back from Scott’s and my first Valentine’s Day.  We ate at a local pizza place and they served us heart-shaped pizza.  The tradition continues with our tiny valentines now!   Since it’s Friday, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gift ideas for your Valentines — big and little!

favorite Valentine's Day gift ideas

1. Valentine’s Attire

My girls especially love getting holiday-themed clothes and pajamas.  Here are a few other cute things I spied, I am dying over the heart shirts that go together! #bless. This cute friends forever tee and candy hearts leggings are too cute.

2. Cupid Farts

I saw this bag of Cupid Farts and instantly thought of my son!  I know he would laugh so hard!  The price is a little high but would be sure to bring lots of laughter to your little or big Valentine.  Bonus, it’s edible ;).

3.  Hearts Game

We have a couple other games by this brand (eeBoo) and so I picked up the game of Hearts for a family gift this Valentine’s Day. We love to play games together so I thought this was perfect.  Here are more by this same company.

4.  Scratch Off Cards

I just got these scratch off cards for my kids so I can write their special dates I have planned on them.  It comes with 24 so I can use them for other special occasions too.  I thought it was a fun way to reveal their gift of time with mom and dad.  Solon and I are going ice skating and Vera and I are going to get our nails done.  I am not sure what Scott has cooked up for his dates with the big kids.

5.  The 5 Love Languages Quiz & Book

Take the love language quiz and have your spouse do so as well.  We often give love how we like to receive it but that’s not always how our spouse receives love.

You can take the quiz here.  Then, talk about your results on your Valentine’s date together.  The book is a good read to learn more about yourself and your spouse.  There’s a kids quiz too which I think it so helpful in knowing how to love your kid well.

6.  Jewelry

I love these bar necklaces and I think they are perfect personalized with your kid’s initials, your wedding date or the coordinates for your home.  The options are endless for personalization.    How about this simple initial necklace?

7.  The Book Of Us

Scott got me this book years ago (before we were married) and you fill in 150 questions about your love story.  It’s a great way to celebrate your love for one another and a sweet keepsake.  Ours is still unfinished ;).

8.  Love Monster

This book is darling and a best seller on Amazon.  It would make your tiniest valentine so happy this year.  All my kids love this book!

9.  Shrinky Dinks

I picked up a set of Valentine-inspired shrinky dinks at the Target dollar spot for $3.  The kids love to color and decorate them and then you pop them in the oven and they shrink and harden.  You can turn them into charms or whatever you like.  I found this set on Amazon too.

10.  Karen Katz books

Our kids have loved these books and there are lots of Valentine inspired options.  If you kid loves peek-a-boo, her books are perfect.  Here are some Valentine-inspired titles.

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How do you celebrate?

Do you celebrate your big sweetie or all of your sweeties, big and small?  Do you do gifts? Candy? Flowers?  I am not a huge rose fan but spring flowers are my absolute favorite!  However, you choose to celebrate, just remember it doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun and heartfelt.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


 Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.  #tribekoko

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Valentine’s Day 2014

This Valentine’s Day I needed a project, something to get my mind on happy things and so just know, I know this was more for me, than Solon ;)!  I love to craft and do cutesy things!
We actually had a Valentine’s snafu because this is our first go-around and I didn’t purchase them early SO when we went to get the coveted “Planes” valentines they were sold out.  A little quick thinking and enthusiasm and Solon was sold on the space valentines with accompanying bouncy balls.  I am not a huge fan of gobs of candy…I know kill joy!
So one naptime I whipped up these little tags on my silhouette after downloading a space-themed font for free.  Thank you dafont.
And I had so much fun, I decided to whip up some teacher tags and heck I even made some little card tags to go on our gifts we get the kids.  I am horrible at buying cards, they are just so expensive and end up in the trash….so sentimental, I know!
The final product was a space valentine and Solon hand-wrote his name 23 times (it took 2 nights and he tried to get his dad to do it for him ;).  Our kids love bouncy balls and lucky for them there were about 15 leftover that they launched off the 2nd floor balcony…that provided an evening of winter fun in celebration of hand-writing his name that many times!

And then we made dark chocolate brownies for the teachers and tied the card to theirs…something small and disposable.  I knew they would get a lot of little stuff and if they aren’t chocolate fans, they could share it or toss it and it only cost me the cost of the mix and the little boxes ;)!
For Valentine’s Day we do a couple of little gifts for the kids and leave them wrapped outside their doors when they wake-up.  Vera got a clearance flouncy, fluffy tutu that she hasn’t played with once (fail) and Solon got his favorite little microdrifter cars which he plays with constantly.  They also each got a Reese’s PB heart that they got to eat for breakfast, they were giddy with excitement!
I actually surprised Scott with tickets to Phantom of the Opera which he really wants to see and had been hinting at for a while.  They weren’t on sale to the public but I had a code to buy early so he was quite surprised.  We don’t normally do much but it is fun to surprise him with a good gift when I can!  He brought home tulips, I would take spring flowers over roses any day of the week!  Especially this winter ;)!
It was a great Valentine’s Day 2014!

Valentines Day 2013

Here are my sweet valentines!  I took on a tradition my sis-in-law started and included us in last year while in Aussie!  She leaves a few little gifts wrapped on the breakfast table along with their valentine to find when they come down in the morning.  I love this because I NEVER let my kiddos randomly get things at the store (I know I am mean 😉 SO I love the opportunity to buy them a little something, something and show them the gifts love language.  I was so excited to find minnie mouse light up shoes for V (remember she has a love of shoes) and Solon has been dying to get lego’s since we got some for his buddy Evan’s birthday.  We got him the same helicopter and he was SO excited.  We also got them each a little candy, Solon got skittles and Vera got hershey kisses.  They both have a SERIOUS sweet tooth (remember I blame Scott ;).
Vera knew exactly what to do with the present…doesn’t she look so big.  She has really blossomed the past few weeks, she is not a baby anymore :(.

Meanwhile, I made some heart shaped eggs in a valentine!  I never make a big breakfast during the week.  We generally have some place to go and my kiddos really like cereal but today was special!
…and my hubby brought me home tulips last night.  I was totally surprised and he knows spring flowers are my absolute favorite.  I would take them over roses any day of the week.  They are sooooo pretty and remind me spring is around the corner. YAY!
Solon could not wait for Scott to get home for lunch to assemble the legos together.  We attempted before but Vera was a tad too helpful and pieces were starting to go missing.  It was a great project for these two…I see many more building sessions in the future!
Tonight our community group is offering to babysit kiddos from our church while their parents go out/go home and enjoy a nice date night.  When things settle down, Scott and I will get a date night in but for now I am just relishing in the fact that I am so blessed to have these 3 valentines in my life.  I love them all to the moon and back!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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