The Belly Project: 38 weeks…

38 Weeks…
…and side (Thanks to my trusty and sweet 5 year old photog)
Baby Size:  Size of a a pineapple and over 7 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 22 lbs (lost 2 lbs this week)
Gender: Most guesses these days are for girl but we will know SOON!
Movement: Still quite active especially at night after kids are in bed and get the hiccups at least once if not more!  Likes to stick one body part out of my left side, looks quite interesting and weirds Scott out.  Still like to kick up and when they do so pushes the acid from my stomach up…
Fetal Heartbeat:  145-155 
Sleep: Struggling to sleep, not sure if its excitement, annoyance that I am still pregnant, or just tossing and turning.  Normally get some shut eye between the hours of midnight and 6:30am.
Cravings: Nutty bars, fruit, celery with peanut butter, trail mix, fountain soda, lemon water, mini muffins.
Symptoms: daily emptying of the intestines – TMI sorry!  nerve pain from baby’s head moving on them, cramps down low, lower back pain, and just feeling nauseated and crabby for no reason (and sometimes for reasons!).  I have so enjoyed this pregnancy but as my sweet SIL Raquel said, “I have enjoyed this pregnancy but it’s okay now to be done!”  When I sit at home, I grow crabby so we have been trying to be with people who get late pregnancy and are encouraging, go to the pool, run errands and eat out more than we should be ;).  I keep saying next weekend we are having a baby…repeat, repeat, repeat.
Exercise: We are busy nesting, doing a once a week water class and chasing after the kids.  
On My Heart: I am so ready.  The last weeks of pregnancy are uncomfortable and the symptoms of nausea are hard to take given I have been dealing with them since about 5 weeks.  I am anxious to eat without the fear of puking or having raging heartburn.  I try to have  quiet moments to enjoy this little one moving within me and I do enjoy those but then there are times I am just so done I could cry, I seriously wanted to at the OB when my contractions were just little hills on the monitor 🙁 and had not helped me make much progress in dilation.  There are a few things I want to remember though so bare with me…
  • The way Scott’s face is equal parts weirded out and in awe when baby’s limbs poke out and he can feel them.
  • The way Solon and Vera fervently pray for their tiny sibling even remembering to pray for things like “come out the right way”.  They never forget to pray for this little one and haven’t since we started praying for expanding our family way back in 2013.  What a testimony to share with them about the journey God has brought us through.
  • Surviving the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy and remembering how low functioning I was and how we made it through stronger!  I mean we went on a road trip and I was puking in a cup, pulling over and emptying it, and then continuing on.
  • Loving friends and family who have supported us through the ultrasounds, ups and downs and turns that this pregnancy had…5th disease, breech baby, sickness, etc.
  • The way your body just changes to accommodate life inside you, I don’t remember what I looked like before and Solon says he doesn’t remember either.
  • The peace in giving away my maternity clothes knowing this is it.
  • Making goals this time to stop and smell the roses, embrace the chaos, and hold the baby longer if I want.  Being selfish of our time as a family of 5.
  • The crazy things you crave and the sudden undeniable desire to have it right then like a Taco John’s fix at 9pm!
  • The fun memories we have made as a family of 4 over the last few months.  
  • Watching my kids be SO excited to talk about their sibling and share their joy and excitement.  
  • Imagining who this little one is and every stranger’s surprise when we tell them we have no idea what we are having :).  The kids get asked by the same amount what they want and they always answer the same, Solon – brother and Vera – sister.
  • Going to the chiropractor and receiving relief from the breech baby to helping this one come out NOT sunny side up to feeling so much better – I just thought you were supposed to not move in your last trimester.
  • Being able to say “any day now” when people ask when you are due and the sweet things people say to you about your rounded appearance…
  • the anticipation of remembering everything again and hoping its like riding a bike and it all comes back…
We are having this baby SOON and our lives will never be the same in all the perfect and right ways! We cannot wait and thank you so much for joining us on this amazing journey.  People I have been pregnant with are all having their babies, I am just waiting for our number to be called.  I pray we can go naturally but if its not God’s will, induction is a safe, tried and true way to bring our baby into this world too!  Thank you Lord for the gift of motherhood, the good, the bad and the hard…it has refined me and grown me and I am so thankful they call me mommy!

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