20 Things to Never Buy at Aldi

When it comes to Aldi, it’s pretty hard to knock this retail giant. Not only does it save you lots of money, there are lots of really good private label foods we always buy there. Check out our 50+ favorites here. However, there are 20 things I NEVER buy at Aldi and I’ll tell you why!

20 Things To Never Buy at Aldi


When, I pulled my social media community (join here), hands down meat was at the top of their list. Many cited it has more grizzle, fat and when cooked it’s chewy.

While, we have some meat favorites (namely the pork carnitas roast), I do cook it in the slow cooker which helps it not to be so chewy.


This was another one on my social media community’s hit list. When it comes to any produce, you do need to check it for mold and ripeness. The biggest complaint!

When you buy produce anywhere, I try to buy in season which helps with flavor and buy produce that ripens at different rates. Strawberries for the beginning of the week and green bananas and apples for the end!

Toilet Paper

I will scrimp and save on a lot of things but toilet paper ain’t one of them! No ma’am. I got desperate in the pandemic and bought some and well let’s just say we won’t ever buy it again!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Household Cleaners

I mostly use all natural cleaning products but when it comes to toilets, I like a good bleach cleaner with a little gel to cling to the sides. Aldi’s toilet bowl washes down the toilet bowl like mountain dew, no clinging. It’s a no go in my book.


Let’s just say Oreos can’t be outdone, they don’t taste the same even dunked in milk. Just don’t do it.


While I love Aldi’s Rosemary and olive oil triscuit dupe, don’t pop the faux cheese-its, faux goldfish (Aldi penguins), faux ritz crackers or their graham crackers in your cart. No amount of good cheese can make them better.

Faux Pringles

We love Pringles but darn it, they are expensive. Unfortunately, Aldi’s aren’t a good replacement. They are oddly thicker with less flavor. Just skip them.

Corn Hard Tortillas

They crumble when you take your first bite, and with kids you know that instantly produces tears. They also taste stale. We tried them a few times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and nope, they just taste that way!

Frozen Fried Rice

By far, the worst offender of them all. It makes me want to puke just reliving those moments eating it. It’s bad, don’t do it!


I am a dip girl. Give me all the dips I can dip with chips but Aldi doesn’t do dips well. The crab rangoon, lobster roll, spinach artichoke, and buffalo chicken dips would make life more simple if they were good but they are not.

Hot Buffalo Sauce

Speaking of buffalo chicken dip, Frank knows his hot sauce. Stick with Frank’s Red Hot. It’s better!


I am going to get flack for this one but their well-known $2 buck chuck and other alcoholic beverages all have a funny after taste in my opinion. I don’t drink enough to make saving a few bucks on mediocre alcohol worth it.

Faux Velveeta

Besides produce and meat, this was the other top offender in my social media community. I have never bought it but based on the repeated negative reviews, I don’t think I ever will.

Fruit Snacks

Who doesn’t love a good fruit snack? I mean if you eat them, you know what’s in them so no need to tell me ;)! These are very chewy and have a very weird after taste so don’t waste your money!


How can you mess up coffee? I don’t know ask Aldi. It’s so inexpensive but darn it, it’s not that good.

Microwave Popcorn

We all know the smell of popcorn, right? Aldi popcorn has an odd smell to it. Since so much of our taste comes from smell, that means the popcorn is a no no from me!

Cottage Cheese

I personally don’t like any cottage cheese but many people said it has an odd taste. I think it has an odd texture anyway so throw that in and I was out before I started.

Granola Bars

The fudge covered ones are ok by my kids but without the nice coating of sugar, the granola bars lack much flavor. Someone even said they tasted like “cardboard.” Haven’t tasted cardboard but I am going to guess it’s not a winner.

Laundry & Dish Detergent

Call me a brand snob but when it comes to these two items, I know what I like and it’s a specific brand so I don’t buy my detergents at Aldi!

Name Brand Items

If you are shopping at Aldi, you need to know they pass on savings to their customer because they mostly sell private label off-brand products.

Their name brand products are often more expensive plus they don’t offer sales or accept coupons. So, if you have a name brand you love, save it for a trip to another grocery store.

So There You Have It…20 Things To Never Buy at Aldi!

I have been hating on Aldi for 20 products and I feel kind of bad because Aldi saves me so much time (in and out in under 30 minutes) and so much money. I save at least 20% by shopping there.

However, some things are just NOT worth the cost savings. What are some Aldi product no-no’s for you? Leave them in the comments so we all learn from your mistake and not our own ;).

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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