Create A Toy Closet to Organize Your Toys

If you have kids, you have toys.  I have 4 kids so pretty much I could swim in toys especially with all the doting relatives that just brought armloads of gifts through our doors during birthday season but I don’t.  Toys are a fact for this season of my life but we have made peace with the toys with a simple toy organization solution, a coat closet turned toy closet.

So, how do you organize toys?

Create a space for toys using an under-utilized closet.

Look around your house and determine a logical place you could create toy storage.  Do you have some cabinets you can clean out in your family room or kitchen?  In both of the homes we lived in, I decided to turn our main floor coat closet into a toy closet.  When we have guests over we invite them to hang their coats on a coat rack (like this one).

Look around your home, there has to be a space.  If you there’s a will, there’s a way.  You just have to decide what’s most important to you in this season of life. For me, it was finding a home for the toys!  Here’s our front hall closet before.  It just collected odds and ends mostly.

Once you have a space designated for your toys, prepare it for toy storage.  We added 2 more wire shelves to our toy closet to maximize space and storage.  Don’t buy cute bins just yet!

Ready to make your own toy closet?

Here are the materials to get started –

Metal Closet Shelves (size dependent on space & cut to size)

Wall-Shelf Brackets (2 per shelf)



Jigsaw to cut shelves to correct dimensions

Screws (4 to screw to shelves together and 2 per L bracket)

Helpful Tips to Organize your New Toy Closet

Gather your toys and sort.

This is the most important step in the process.  Do not organize toys you don’t need.  Grab all the toys you want to store in the new space.  Grab 2 bins and a garbage bag.  It’s time to sort your toys into 3 categories.  Keep, sell/donate and toss.

By far, this is the most challenging part of the process for me, maybe you too.  Either you or someone you love spent good money on these toys and it’s hard to let go.  However, you know your kids don’t play with certain toys.  Make room for the toys they do play with.  You can either donate unwanted toys to a local charity, church, or family friend.  You can consign them as well.

You can invite your children into the process and ask them what they want to let go.  Letting go and purging is an important life skill you can teach your child now.

If you don’t want to get rid of a whole set of toys like barbies or baby dolls, thin it out.

toys sorted into clear plastic storage bins

Organize Toys into Logical Categories.

Now, that you have thinned out your toys, sort them into logical categories.  Once you determine the amount of each item, choose a toy organization tool.  Clear plastic tubs (like these) work great because everyone can see what’s inside.  Kids can easily ask for that toy and when a missing toy is found, it’s easy to put it inside the right tub.

Create Toy Organization that is Logical.

Above all, you want this to be functional long-term and for the kids to be able to pick-up independently so make the organization easy enough your child can put a toy away.  You will not keep up the organization system if it’s tedious, no matter how cute it starts out.  Trust me, I have made that error.

Place organized toys into a toy closet or designated space.

Now it’s time to load up your toy closet.  Make sure to place items kids frequently request in a place that is easiest to access.  Place items that you want to help with, items with tiny pieces, up higher.

A Few More Frequently Asked Questions Answered

How do get your kids to clean up their toys?

Once toys are organized, your kids can grab a bin and play for a while.  When they are done, they can clean up and put that bin away.  Sometimes, we even set a timer for 5 minutes and try to beat the timer as we clean-up!  Clean-up is part of the process.  Another life skill we can teach our kids.

How do you deal with toy organization over time?

In our home, we have two toy closets.  Rotating toys to different levels bring new vibrancy to toys that kids have become bored with.  Just the other day, I rotated the girls’ dollhouse to the basement and it was a brand-new toy again.  Storing toys in tubs means when you pull out a new tub, it’s new fun!

Toys are constantly coming into our homes.  Make sure you are consistently taking stock and decluttering old toys as you can.  If a toy bin can’t close, it’s time to thin it out.  Toys are a fact of our life but it’s possible to make peace with them and find them a functional home!

Now, tell me where you store your toys?  How do you store them?

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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