Unique & Practical Gift Ideas for Every Guy On Your List

The weather is starting to cool here in the midwest and the first few flurries have already flown which means the holiday season is just about here. If you are like me, you might already have a long list of ideas for the kids and women in your life but when it comes to men, I usually am stumped. So, what are some unique and practical men’s gift ideas?

This year, I consulted some experts on the subject – men! I asked my husband and another good friend to give me their top must haves. They came up with a unique list of practical and cool gift ideas in a variety of price ranges for all the men in your life.

20 Unique and Practical Men’s Gift Ideas

Space Pen

This pen is designed by astronauts themselves. Not only is it a nice pen, it has a cool and unique story that he can share when he uses it.

Men’s Boots

Maybe it’s just my husband but he wears things until they are well past their prime. Spruce up their wardrobe with this nice pair of durable and rugged boots. They are American made classic, rugged, classy, and timeless.

Cardigan Sweater

Just because they are working from home, doesn’t mean they don’t need a few new items to spruce up their attire. This cardigan will keep them warm and look great on all those video conference calls. According to my friend who picked it, “From salty sailors to leaned poets, the cable knit sweater is a go-to. Comfortable and classic.”

Smoker / Grill Combo

Both my friend and husband said every guy wants a good grill. My husband just got this one and my friend recommended this one. Both are great options. The guys said “these take smoking meat to the next level. BBQ master results on your back porch.” You can’t argue with that.

Knife Sharpening Set

How about a very practical gift? A dull knife is no knife at all. Works on everything from your pocket knife to your wife’s favorite kitchen knife. Grab this set they recommended here.

Durable Flashlight

Streamlight makes some of the best flashlights like this one. Compact, durable and brighter than the sun in July. No home should be without one.

Leather Accessory Organizer

Where did I leave my keys” is an admission of surrender from a disorganized mind. Add some class to your dresser or nightstand with a place for everything and everything in its place with this leather accessory organizer.

New Phone Case

Magpul makes durable equipment for everyone from Seal Team 6 to your local law enforcement. Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne approve of this durable phone case.


Henry Ford said “Split your own wood and it will heat you twice” it will also burns calories and is a great core workout. A great tool for every guy to have in thier arsenal. Check this one they recommended out.

Pocket Knife

My friends would say, “a man without a pocket knife is not fully dressed.” Gerber makes sleek, durable and respectable knives like this one. The paraframe slides easily into the corner of your pocket and is ready at a moments notice.

Bike Hitch

Going on an adventure gets easier when you can easily transport your bikes. Easily snap the bike rack into your hitch and off you go. This one is on my husband’s wish list this year.

Cast Iron Skillet

From bacon on Saturday mornings to pancakes over an open flame on your next camping trip. A cast iron skillet is a must have staple item that will last you a life time. This one has great reviews and is on our wish list.

Wireless Bluetooth Air Pods

Working from home or working in the garage, wireless air pods will help your guy stay up to date on the latest podcasts, radio shows or music while he works. This set is on my husband’s wishlist.

Smart Watch

Track the number of steps and monitor so much more while keeping time. A smart watch is a must have tech gadget. Apple lovers will want the Apple Watch, while this one gets great reviews for Android users. Going with an older series like this one will save you money, check to make sure it has all the features you want.

Smart Accessory Charging Station

With all of the smart accessories these days, help your guy simplify the cords and charge all those accessories in one convenient location. Check this charging station out.

Bar Set

Help your guy mix drinks like a professional with this bar set. This set includes drink cards to help him become a mixologist in no time. Don’t forget to add in a few of his favorite mixers to complete the gift.


What is it about guys and holes in socks? It seems they blow threw socks faster than the washing machine eats them. Socks are on the wish list and the need list this year. Happy Socks are well as they name suggests – happy and a conversation starter.


Working at home or for lounging on the weekends, slippers are a nice way to keep those guy’s toes cozy. Check out this pair!

Tool Chest

They need an organized space for all those tools they are collecting. Check out this grown-up tool chest that will look nice and be functional in the garage. As they need more room, you can add to the collection.

Smart Home Equipment

My husband is obsessed with making our home “smart” from the thermostat, to the door bell, to lights that turn on and off with an Amazon Echo Show. Lots of gift ideas just in this category alone!

There You Have it…

From the experts themselves, 20 unique and practical men’s gift ideas that are sure to please. What’s on your guy’s wishlist this year? Share in the comments so we all can get more ideas.

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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20 unique and cool gifts for men

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