Happy 7th Birthday Vera

Today, is Vera’s 7th Birthday!  It seems like yesterday she was born!  Now she is growing up and is a beautiful young lady.  She is full of life and is our social butterfly.  She meets a friend everywhere she goes and she is always smiling and creating!  She is a ray of sunshine.  She is certainly sweet and spicy spice and everything nice!  She has grown up so much over the last year, just looking back at pictures from last fall blows my mind!

What a difference a year makes!  (above – kindergarten | below – first grade)

Vera loves school!  She loves to read and be with her friends.  She quickly learned to stand next to the person you want to sit with at lunch and she plans when to have hot or cold lunch based on what her friends are doing.  She always is ready for a play date and had a blast planning her birthday party.  She wanted to invite every single person she knew!

Her favorite subject is still art and she has an amazing art teacher who has invested in Vera personally in small ways to instill a deep love of art in her!  If Vera is not creating art with her beloved art cart, she is practicing her tumbling moves in the family room flipping, handstands and cartwheels.


Vera’s favorite food is walking tacos and she has a serious sweet tooth.  She would eat dessert for every meal and most meals eats what is required so she can secure dessert!  She takes cold lunch most days because she is very picky but loves peanut butter, salami, crackers, granola bars, apples, applesauce and pretzels so she usually takes some combination of those to school!  She loves to help me bake and has learned how to make a brownie mix all by herself.


Vera loves any and all stuffed animals, anything with mermaid sequins, anything glittery, sparkly or girly!  She has a bed full of pillows, stuffed friends and blankets galore.  She now shares a room with her little sister and has the top bunk.  She loves to wear her fit bit and bedazzled her backpack with several plush accessories, her hand sanitizer and key chains!

Vera is tenacious and will generally try anything once.  This summer she rode the tube behind the boat like an adult.  She is petite in nature but she never lets that hold her back.  She can’t wait until she is finally tall enough for all the slides at the local pools.  She has been working hard on the monkey bars and can now do them all by herself.  She works hard to accomplish a goal!

Vera is a sweet big sister and often is the mother hen of the group which her big brother doesn’t always appreciate!  Lucy and Vera love to play American Girl dolls together and Solon and Vera are often found playing together as well.  She is always happy to see her brother at school!

Vera loves to shop and she knows what she likes.  She loves anything with mermaid sequins, shoes with real ties and wants her hair to be nice and long :)!  She is sweet, kind, full of spunk and a great helper.  She works hard on what she puts her mind to and is always nice to everyone she meets.  We sure do love our Vera Ann and are so glad she is ours!

Happy 7th Birthday Vera Ann

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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