Happy 5th Birthday Vera

Our Vera Ann turned 5 in September!  I am trying to savor this last year with her at home.  I know it’s going to fly by and she will be off to kindergarten but I do love having her home.  She is a great helper and just fun to be around!  
We spend many afternoons when Lucy is napping playing a game.  I like to play games with my kids.  I am not great at imaginative play but I am down for a good game.  We often play Candy Land, Spot It!, Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, Guess Who? and Uno.  She is competitive and pretty good at figuring out game strategy so there’s no giving her a free pass.

She is Miss Adventure although she may be petite, she is mighty!  Whether she’s tumbling or at the park.  She is always willing to try and do hard things.  She also finds a friend everywhere she goes.  She loves to play with the neighbor girls and her friends at school.  She is my social butterfly.  She also loves to play hostess and is my right hand gal when we have guests over!  She is also a big help with her little sister.  She learned to swim independently this fall and loves to dance.  She also takes tumbling and really enjoys it.  She also spends ample time with a microphone leading worship in the basement.

I have never met a pickier eater!  She could eat sweets for days but we have the “you must eat the number of bites as you are old” rule.  So she’s currently asked to eat 5 good bites of whatever I serve for supper.  She generally likes fruit and she loves dairy but it doesn’t like her so we are still on a very light lactose diet around here with no milk, limited yogurt and cheese and ice cream occasionally.  Her belly lets us know when she’s had too much (just like her mother ;).

She LOVES her Aunt Ellen.  I mean LOVES her.  She is her “shadow”.  If Ellen is around, Vera is right next to her.  She has a lot of similarities to her Auntie so it’s only fitting that they are so close.  Now that my sister lives in Seattle, we FaceTime often and you will find Vera hogging the camera lens just to have “her” time with Auntie Ellen!  

She started pre-kindergarten this week and we opted with the 3 day a week program.  She absolutely loves school and cheers when it’s a school day.  She has the 3 sweetest teachers (who taught Solon too) and they instill such a deep love of learning.  We are working on learning letters, counting as high as we can go and “writing” and drawing all sorts of stories. We are also “reading” lots of books.  She wants to be big just like Solon.  She can’t wait for kindergarten!

She celebrated her birthday with a zebra party.  Her request, she loves zebras just like her favorite cousin Grace.  Much like Auntie Ellen, if Grace is around, Vera is attached to her. 

Vera still will curl up and cuddle with us especially if she is tired.  She has long since given up her nap but loves to have her daily iPad time.  She especially loves Barney, Lego Friends, Angelina Ballerina and Strawberry Shortcake.  She also likes to watch Daniel Tiger and Curious George on IPTV.   She is also crazy good at the game Temple Run (which just cracks us up!).

You can often find her playing make believe whether thats with her baby dolls, in her playhouse under the stairs cooking in the kitchen, at her dollhouse, playing doctor or doing my hair.  She is proud she is finally getting the hang of making a pony tail.

She is silly, and funny.  She says the darndest things and still says things like “Harbee’s (Hardee’s)” and “Denards (Menards)”.  She uses “her” instead of “she” when she says “her likes playing with me”.  I know it’s fleeting so I am soaking it all in.

Vera is my artist.  If she is not playing make believe, she’s crafting and creating art.  I am buying reams of paper like crazy because she is always creating a masterpiece from a plain white sheet of paper.  She also loves any craft projects I create for her or we find to do.  She loves perler beads, play doh, painting, spin art, and spirographs.  She can’t wait until she’s in kindergarten so she can take art classes at the art center.  If we leave the house, she has a notebook and crayons under her arm to color in the car.

I love teaching all my kids to cook but Vera, especially, loves to help me in the kitchen.  She has mastered cracking eggs and measuring things out.  She wants to do it all by herself and soon she will be cooking for us.  She has her eyes set on making puppy chow next!

I have always said Vera is a combination of sweet and spice and everything nice.  She has an opinion and is a natural mother hen (her brother loves that ;).  Gone are the days I pick out her clothes. I buy things I like and think she will too and then she approves it.  I got over buying things that just sat in her closet unworn!  She cares deeply for others and will always remember to pray for people who are hurting long after we might stop.  She has the biggest, beautiful eyes and sweet smile that just melt you into a puddle.  She is starting to understand Jesus and the gift he gave us dying on the cross.  She has her moments of spiciness with her siblings like all kids do and keeps us on our toes with creative discipline ;).  Above all she is precious in His sight and we are so thankful we get to raise her.  She is fearfully and wonderfully made. 
Here is a little interview I did with her:
What is your favorite food?  garlic bread, cheese/sausage pizza and fondue
What is your favorite color?  purple, gold and silver
What is your favorite toy?  American Girl Doll (Sage)
What is your favorite thing to do at school? Play with my friend Maleah
What is your favorite thing to do at home?  Snuggle with my family and color
What is your favorite tv show?  Lego Girls
What is your favorite book?  Shopkins book

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