We do Santa and We love Jesus

Do you do Santa? The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy?
It’s the question we get asked around every holiday with a fictitious character.
Doesn’t Santa take away from the honor and glory of Christ’s birth?
While a valid question and a choice many families make, we choose to include Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy in our festivities. Let me share why.
Santa and other charaaters are a tradition.  
It’s something we do.
Much like a Christmas tree, decorating with lights, Christmas cookies and presents.  Santa is a tradition we enjoy with our family.  We love so many traditions at Christmas.  Santa is a tradition with a limited window and one we enjoy for this season.  Many of the traditions we participate in today were most certainly not part of Christ’s birth.
We celebrate and honor Jesus the whole year through and that doesn’t change and is only enhanced at Christmas.  We can never honor him as much as he deserves but we try, with all our little sinful hearts can muster, to love him and share all we know with our children.
In each season, we spend way more time talking about our Savior and the need for Him in our lives.  He is our focus.  The rest are just fun additions.  Jesus is the main thing and the rest are just fun choices you can add in, should you choose.
Santa is a tradition.
It’s the reason we do the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Mickey for that matter. They conjure up sweet memories of our own childhood we wish to pass along to our children.  Isn’t that what a tradition is all about?  We do them.
So whether you choose to include Santa in your Christmas or not, the bottom line is you need to do what is best for your family.  What is the Holy Spirit telling you?  You find your answer for your family.  It might not be the same as what we choose for our family and that’s okay.  As my dad always says, it’s not good or bad just different.  We have several family friends who choose to forego the tradition of Santa and I completely respect their decision.

Partaking in a tradition like Santa and loving the Lord are two very different things (in my humble opinion).
We can all agree, Jesus is not a tradition but the very reason for every season.  The one whom came as a baby, died on the cross and saved us from our sins and that is why we invite Him into our lives and home the whole year through.
The rest of the traditions are packed away in boxes — stockings, trees, Santa, bunnies, eggs and the like to be pulled out again next year.  So no need to draw lines in the sand and camp out on a side.  Let’s all enjoy the season and the traditions your families choose.
In this Home we love Jesus first and we do Santa.

How do you do it in your home?  Remember this is a safe place to share, where we can be thoughtful and kind in your responses.  Thank you!


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