What’s Up November 2016

I am linking up with Shay, Shaeffer, and Mel today for a little pre-turkey rundown on this What’s Up Wednesday!

Well we are on vacation so I can tell you what I am not doing — COOKING (all the praise hands!)
This is what we ate before we left when we were trying to clean out pantry, do you ever do that?
Saturday – Smoked ribs and whole chicken, cheese-hashbrown casserole, salad and rolls
Sunday – Leftovers
Monday – Italian chicken, green beans and potatoes (this is my favorite meal to take to people)
Tuesday – Crockpot shredded chicken tacos 
Wednesday – Crescent Roll pizzas (string cheese, pepperoni and crescent rolls) & Salad
Thursday & Friday – clean out the fridge 😉

We are in Florida right now and we are celebrating the life of my Aunt.  She went to heaven 15 years ago this Thanksgiving.  She found out she had leukemia while donating blood for 9/11 victims.  We get to be with her daughter, whom I deeply love, my cousin Madelynne.  We are also with my grandparents and parents.  The beach is a place of many memories shared with my Aunt, my family, sadness and healing.  She’s part of my testimony here.
We have had the most amazing fall weather this year.  It’s November and it just turned cold – just turned cold folks.  There are times we are buried in layers of clothing with nothing but our noses showing at this point.  We have played outside after school almost everyday.  
Just the usual DUDES…

Us girls have been baking…

Going on a family date night where we ended up posing with a stuffed reindeer…Lucy was not happy about it at that moment!

…and we had 2 well child visits for the older kiddos.  Everyone is nice and healthy which we are all quite happy about!  Vera is also now tall enough to ride rides at 42 1/4 inches ;).

We decorated the outside of our house for Christmas and I revamped all 8 exterior wreaths and garland.  How many wreaths can someone stick on their house?
So I said last month we had dental appointments this month and I was dreading them well Vera came down with the stomach flu so we rescheduled for next month.  I do not like going to the dentist — I don’t have the best teeth despite decent care ;).  My kids also have my awesome teeth :/.  So December it is – let’s do this Dentist!
We are at the beach right now!!!

I shared this book last month A Bride For Keeps and then I read A Bride in Store.  Both were excellent.  I loved them.  They are set in the old west time period and are both about mail order brides and the love stories that transpire in the little town.  The next book A Bride At Last, I downloaded the kindle version to take with on vacation.  They are a light read and have a Christian undertone. 
I also checked out all of these from the library for my pre-Christmas reading.
I did read one book I couldn’t finish – Eligible, I just couldn’t get into it.  Lots of people loved it but I wasn’t a fan.  I quit after about 75 pages.  Do you ever quit books?
I am also streaming with my Amazon Prime membership these albums…
**My sister recommended this one
**This one makes me think of my mom and sister (we loved it growing up)
**This makes me think of my Grandpa

Right at this very moment I hope to be looking like this…
But before vacation…
A whole lot of athletic wear because I am fancy like that (with my Mom mug my kids gave to me FULL of coffee!)

And lots and lots of layers…with my favorite purse (a gift 3 years ago) with my favorite flats (also a gift).  I got the coat and striped tunic from Target and love them.

…and thanks to Sheaffer, I cut my blanket scarf in half and wear it all the time now with my Old Navy striped jersey swing dress and field vest.  I got Lucy’s bows here (such a great stocking stuffer and they are stretchy and not tight on her head).

We are flying home and hanging out with our COUSINS!!!
And getting a new family photo that includes EVERYONE and eating lots and lots of food.
Including this delicious family recipe Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie…
And decorating for Christmas…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — CHRISTMAS!!!!
My sister (and her hubby 😉 are coming for Christmas as well as my parents and grandparents!

We have a dance recital, school program, Church Christmas Pageant, and a list of fun activities and parties on the calendar.  I hope to really enjoy it and not get overwhelmed with the to do list.  I love this magical time and especially experiencing it all with my kids!
Solon lost 2 teeth in ONE DAY! 

Vera and I had High Tea with Sage (her American Girl doll) and my American Girl Dolls (Samantha and Felicity).  She had to miss preschool because she was getting over the tummy flu and spent the afternoon playing with my trunk of American Girl items.  She had so much fun.

Lucy is WALKING!  She went from no interest to walking in a week and now she is in to everything. Oh my, this girl is precious but BUSY.  I do a project and she makes another project for me ;)!
That’s us – I hope you have a fabulous and blessed Thanksgiving.  Thanks for stopping by our neck of the woods.  Leave a comment and say hello, I would love to meet you :)!
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