Top Spring Cleaning Tips to Clean Like A Pro

It’s almost officially spring but the weather is feeling oh so spring.  For some reason that elicits all sorts of internal brain sensors that I need to clean, just me?  Why don’t we do it in the dead of winter when the weather is awful?
Anyway, a heart wants what a heart wants so spring cleaning it is.  If we are going to go to all the work of cleaning, I want to do it as simple as possible with purpose so I don’t have to do it again for a while!  So, I am sharing my top spring cleaning tips so we can do it once and do it right!  Are you ready?

Top Spring Cleaning Tips to Clean Like a Pro

Make a List

Start by making a list and do a little every day. The fastest way to lose steam with a big project is bite off more than you can chew.  My mantra is little by little progress adds up.  Break down a big project into bite-size pieces by putting a few cleaning to-do items on your daily list.  If you need motivation, try my #1 productivity tip and set a timer. Read more here.

Psst…get your seasonal checklist as seen above by signing up here.

Delegate Tasks

You aren’t the only one living there and someday those tiny people are going to have homes of their own, it’s good to involve them in the cleaning process.

Declutter first.

You don’t want to clean and organize things you don’t need.  You might even start your cleaning list with areas you want to declutter.  Grab a garbage bag and a laundry basket and toss what you can donate in the laundry basket and toss what’s trash in the garbage bag.

Struggling with decluttering?  Check out this post for how to overcome those decluttering excuses.

Make a cleaning basket full of supplies.

If you have multiple levels keep one on each floor with your favorites ready to go.  Things like toothbrushes work for tiny corners, grout, and toothpaste and other stains.  Just make sure you store it separately.  Keep your cleaning basket simple by buying multi-purpose cleaners that do double duty!   Check out what I keep in my cleaning basket in this post.

Be Strategic with Your Cleaning.

There’s nothing worse than working your bottom off and then seeing a mess where you just cleaned.  Work your way from top to bottom and work your way out of a room. So for example dust those blinds and ceiling fans, shelves first, then wipe down surfaces like mirrors and counters.  Finally, vacuum and mop yourself out of that room.

Practice Daily Cleaning.

Get into habits of daily cleaning, a little every day means less BIG tasks to do! For example when cleaning the kitchen after a meal, put the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the counters and appliances and vacuum the floor. Clear the clutter daily and you won’t have a task that feels monumental later.  Ask yourself, “what can I do today that I will thank myself for tomorrow?”

Now Let’s Talk Specific Spring Cleaning Tasks…

Paper Clutter.

Why is there so much paper in the world?  Take time to sort your mail and shred sensitive items.  This is a great task delegated to older children (remember to delegate).  Get in the habit of sorting mail before coming into the house and depositing junk mail into the recycling bin.
Make sure you have a filing cabinet to easily store papers you need to keep for taxes.
For more information on how to declutter and organize kid’s school paper, check out this post.

Dish Clutter.

It’s time to make room again in our cabinets so we can easily access the things we do use.  I added this lazy susan to my top corner cabinet so I can easily access all my travel cups/bottles.  Clean out those free water bottles and cups you seem to collect and make a drawer for your kids to easily and independently grab their own dishes.  Check out this post to create a kid dish drawer.

Closet Clutter.

I asked for Scott’s help one Sunday afternoon and it was more fun because Daddy makes everything funny and wrangling little people and trying on clothes is a 2 person job!  We took all the clothes out of the drawers and closet and wait for the pain of it — tried it all on!
I even make them try on underwear.  No one wants really tightie non-whities!  Then we sorted — donate, save for hand-me-downs, and toss (no one wants stained or items with holes).   I then create a list of items each kid needs for summer.
For more help cleaning out your closets,check out this post.

Mudroom Clutter & Winter Gear.

Spring is a great time to wash all the winter gear and stow it away.  I pack it in a Rubbermaid container, labeled with my favorite label maker and then store it in our basement storage room.  We also go through the shoe totes and try them all on so we know what we need for new shoes!
I also look for the end of season sales on winter gear and stock up for next year.  We love Lands End for winter gear.  It’s a little more pricey but wears really well and I normally get 2 years out of it!

Bedroom Cleaning.

In the bedroom, we switch out our favorite flannel sheets for a more seasonable cotton set.  We rotate the mattress too because they say its good to do that.   We do this for all of our beds.  We all love flannel sheets :).  I, of course, dust and vacuum too for good measure.

Outdoor Cleaning.

On a sunny spring day, you can move your spring cleaning outside.   It’s time to put the swings back on the swing set, put the patio furniture back on the deck, sweep out the garage and get ready for lots of outdoor play.

Want More Help with Spring Cleaning Ideas?

Download your seasonal cleaning checklist by signing up here.  The checklist goes room by room so you don’t forget a thing!  Signup here.

Remember This…

It didn’t get dirty in a day, take 20 minutes every day (set that time trick, read more here) and knock a few seasonal cleaning items off your to-do list.  Before you know it, you will have made great progress.  It’s amazing how motivated you get once you start and see you all the progress you are making.  Happy spring decluttering and cleaning.

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Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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