8 Simple Tips To Overcome Laundry Overwhelm + Simple Laundry Routine

LAUNDRY.  That word alone can make you cringe.  I am no stranger to laundry.  There are 6 people in our home and I swear sometimes a few more live here because of the sheer volume of clothes and towels that need to be laundered.

Laundry is a fact of life so I decided to tame the laundry beast once and for all and come up with a simple and purposeful laundry routine that worked for our family.  Many of you asked what it is so I thought it was time to share!

Step by Step Guide To A Simple Laundry Routine

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Step 1:  Clear the Laundry Room Clutter & Get it Ready to Do its Job

The more inviting the laundry room is, the more likely you will want to go in instead of turning the other way.  The laundry room can be a catch-all for all the things.  Start by clearing the clutter, grouping like items together and placing items that need to stay in a tote or a bin on a shelf.

You might see baskets at the top of the above picture.  They store extra toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Grab a little trashcan for lint and trash from pockets.  Add in the items you need like detergent, a drying rack, dryer balls, ironing board & iron.

To make it more inviting you might even choose to add in a rug, some art, a fake plant, and a lamp. You are going to spend lots of time in your laundry room, make it a space you want to walk into!

Step 2:  Set-up Simple Laundry Routine

Get your Family to Help

Train your family to put their laundry in a basket in the laundry room.  If you don’t have a laundry room on the same floor as your bedrooms, consider one family basket in a central location on the same floor as your bedrooms to save you the hassle of collecting all the clothes from every bedroom.

It is possible to train the tiniest family members.  We just trained our two-year-old to take his laundry to the basket.  We put it in his hands, walked him there and helped him put it in a few times and now we can give it to him in his room and he can carry it down independently.

Asking your family to help put the laundry in a central location will help you save time and energy!  Many hands make light work and it’s true with laundry too.

Do a Load of Laundry Every Single Day

I try to do one load of laundry every single day.  I tried doing it all in one day but seeing the visual clutter of the laundry pile every time I walked by stressed me out.  Doing one load a day normally means about 20 minutes of total time every day!

Make Doing Laundry A Daily Routine

I start a load as part of my morning rhythm.  I get ready and on my way downstairs I throw a load of laundry in the washer.  At naptime, after I get my kids down, I put the load in the dryer. I then fold the laundry in the late afternoon.  I leave the laundry piles for each family member on my bed and everyone puts their pile away as part of their bedtime routine.

You can certainly squeeze this process together so it’s done more quickly during the day.  This is the routine that has stuck for our family.

Remember, routines and rhythms might feel clunky at first but the more you just incorporate them into your practice, the more it will just become part of your daily schedule.  Keep the routine simple and it will be easy to maintain!

What about days you don’t have enough for a load of laundry?

I would say every couple of days, I don’t need to wash clothes.  So, on those days I’ll do towels or sheets.

Favorite Laundry Tips to Overcome Overwhelm

1. Set a timer.

I did and was shocked I folded a LARGE load (because I pack my washer full 😉 in under 10 minutes. We often spend more minutes thinking we “should” do it than it actually takes to just do it!  Read more about this tip here.

2. Don’t sort.

I get push back every single time I say this but I don’t sort clothes. If you are worried, throw in a tide color catcher for good measure. It saves so much time!

3. Little by little progress adds up.

We often reserve all the laundry for one day and it feels like a huge mountain. Try starting do laundry twice a week and see if that helps you not feel so overwhelmed.

4. Wash less!

What? What things are you washing after every use? Pajamas and towels get a few uses before we wash them. This helps significantly!

5. Stop buying high-maintenance clothing!

I buy very things I have to iron. It’s just not worth it for me!  Does it need to be dry cleaned, ironed or hung dry?  I think twice if it’s worth the effort.  Often for my kid’s daily clothes it’s not!  

6. Buy less clothing.

Less clothes means less to wash. Wash and wear what you love!  You knew as a simple living gal I was going to say that but it’s true!

7. Delegate.

If you hear nothing else from me – for the love of all things – ask for help! It doesn’t all depend on you!  We think we have to do it all and we don’t!  Ask for help, teaching our kids these life skills is important.  

8.  Have a Basket for Outgrown Clothes

Kids are constantly outgrowing things, have a basket in your laundry room to house those things so they have a place to call home until you find a new home for them.  No sense in kid’s trying on clothes that don’t fit and you continuously washing them.

favorite laundry accessories

Favorite Laundry Products

We keep it simple around here.  I use Persil laundry detergent along with Oxiclean for stain spot treating.  We just added Biz to our detergent to help with odors and stains.  Biz is great for potty-training undies and sweaty smelling clothes.  We use dryer balls in our dryer.  Of course, we have a few plastic laundry baskets as well!

So, what will your laundry schedule look like?

For most of us doing laundry is a fact of life.  However, while we were in China we sent our laundry out to be laundered and let me tell you it was worth every penny.  Not sure it would fit in our weekly spending budget at home but it was AMAZING!! #goals. Until then, I will be over here doing a load a day to keep the laundry beast away!  What about you?

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.
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