A Shared Girl Bedroom Makeover

When we decided to adopt (read more here) we knew our girls would need to share a bedroom. I enlisted the help of local furniture company, Suite Dreams.  We had purchased our nursery furniture and Solon’s bunk beds from them in the past and loved our experience!  Lisa and Simi, the Suite Dreams designers helped us to maximize form and function while designing a shared girl bedroom that honored both sisters.

Shared Girl Bedroom Before

We got to work clearing Vera’s bedroom.  We moved the queen bed to Solon’s room and replaced the ceiling fan with a fixture with something a little more safe for bunk beds.  We found this fixture.



Before with bunk beds

Shared Girl Bedroom Vision

Once we got the beds rearranged we got to work envisioning the new space.   Vera and Lucy are four years apart and we wanted the space to reflect both of them.  I met with Suite Dreams for an initial design consult.  After we met, they came up with a design and we settled on the aesthetic I shared in this post.  We decided to use Solon’s bunk beds for the girls.  It was the logical choice to save money and maximize the square footage.  We also retrofitted Vera’s closet to accommodate two little girls’ wardrobes, read more about that here.

shared girls bedroom mood board
Read more about the mood board here.

Shared Girl Bedroom After

Then, after months of planning, the day finally came to assemble the room.  Suite Dreams delivered all of the materials.  Then, Lisa and Simi, the Suite Dreams design team, got to work making over the room.  They were done just in time for the girls to see the space when Vera got home from School.  You can watch the girls reactions in this video.  To say they were excited is an understatement.  They squealed, I cried and we all oooh-ed and ahh-ed over every little detail.

The first thing the girls noticed was the sweetest little custom “clubhouse” made for Lucy’s bunk bed.  It has a roll down door and little curtains that velcro open.  They also included under the bed basket storage for all the girls’ trinkets and treasures.  They also added in the little silver graphic flowers and gold heart art above Vera’s bed.  You can find the ceiling fixture here.

All the little details tied everything together.   From the pom-pom trim detail on the light shades which matched with the pom-pom trim detail on the custom curtains to the fabric on the curtains matching throw pillows on the girls’ bunk beds.  We ordered a large navy dresser.  I was a little worried it wouldn’t match the dark wood bed but they tied in the navy color in so many details, it looked like it was meant for the room.  The girls each have plenty of room for their folded clothes now.  You can find the mirror here.

The bedding is from a company called Beddy’s Beds.  It acts like a fitted sheet and comforter combo in one.  It fits around the mattress and zips up like a sleeping bag with a cozy top sheet inside.  They are washable and are easy to make (all the praise hands).  We opted for a grey print so should the girls decide to change out for a different color or little brother moves in and big sister moves out, we can change the accent colors but the bedding can remain!

For decor, they added in hanging boa feather balls and added in personalized name art by the cozy faux fur ottoman.  You can find the signs here.  They added in lots of soft custom pillows with coordinating fabric and personalized pillow covers.  They also added in a large wicker basket in the corner for all of the girls stuffed animals (find similar basket here).

Now there’s plenty of storage for both girls between the under the bed baskets, large dresser, closet organization, and stuffed animal basket.  Not to mention, the cute custom shelf that hangs on Vera’s bunk bed for her books and her glasses.  She also has a little clip on nightlight for late night reading sessions!

Thanks to Suite Dreams for making our shared girl bedroom dreams come true.  It’s such a simple, purposeful space for our girls to share and they will enjoy the space for years to come!  If you are like me and need a little help making decisions and helping to implement your vision for a room, I can’t recommend the Suite Dreams design team enough.  They will work with any budget and will help you to shop purposefully for your space!  Do any of your kids share a bedroom? Have you ever hired a designer for a space in your home?

Until next time keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life!

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