Why Does My Washing Machine Smell? 5 Simple Tips to Remove Washer Odor

When we moved into our new house and we were in the marker for a new washer and dryer, I mentioned to the salesman that I was tired of my bad smelling washer. To my surprise, he gave me 5 simple tips to remove washer odor.

I have not had a smelly washer since implementing his simple tips. So, let’s take care that foul washer smell once and for all for you too!

5 Tips to Remove Washer Odor

powder laundry detergent remove washer odor

Switch To Powder Detergent

Liquid detergent contains a lot of fillers and animal by-products that gunk up your machine and can start to decay, leaving a pungent smell in its wake. Switch to powder detergent or a liquid detergent with no fillers like this one that is highly recommended.

We made the switch to powder detergent and haven’t had an unpleasant odor from the washer since.

bad smelling washer run hot cycle

Run a Hot Cycle

In order to conserve energy, factory settings on new washing machines are normally set for a cold wash. However, by running a hot cycle you will kill all that bacteria and mold growing in places you can’t see. So, run a hot wash with your whites once a week to kill that odor-causing bacteria.

affresh cleaning tab remove washing machine odor

Use a Washer Cleaner

Laundry detergent is meant to clean the clothes but not necessarily your washer. It actually will leave soap scum that builds up over time. So, while you are running that hot cycle, toss in a washer cleaning tap like this one once a month to keep your washing machine working on all cylinders and free of any bad smelling odors.

New washing machines have a washer cleaning cycle which makes it super simple! Throw the tab in, turn it to that cycle and walk away.

Grab your washer cleaning tabs here.

washer door open smelly washer

Leave the Door Open Between Washes

Bacteria and mold love to grow in cold, dark, damp places so a closed washing machine is a prime spot. Leaving the door open helps the drum to air out and dry.

Clean the Washer Filter Regularly

If you didn’t know your washer had a filter, just know you aren’t alone. Either did I. Google your washer type + filter to figure out where it is, how to access it and how to clean it out. It’s a dirty, smelly job. You have been warned.

5 simple tips how to remove washer odor

5 Tips To Remove Washing Machine Odor

5 simple solutions to get rid of your smelly washing machine. So simple, right? Just switch out the detergent, give it a good bath occasionally, leave the door open and check that filter.

Your machine won’t smell and more importantly regular maintenance will help it running for years. If your house is like mine, I need a washer I can count on. We have a lot of dirty clothes. How do you keep your washer from smelling? Share in the comments below.

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